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Responsive websites RESPONDS to their environment; It's all about size.

When it comes to the world of worldwide web, Size does matter. These days people are accessing internet from a variety of devices and thanks to the war between ios, android, windows and blackberry, plenty of screen sizes and resolutions are being used. An iPhone 5 with a 4" screen, an iphone 4 & 4S with a 3.5" screen, a Samsung Galaxy S4 that has a display of 5", Apple iPads with a 7.9" & 9.7" screens, Apple Macbook air with a 11.6" & 13.3" display sizes & Samsung Chromebook at 12.1", they all shows a website differently. If the design is not optimized using the responsive web design technique the user will not get the optimal viewing experience. If a website is coded using responsive web design the website will automatically resize for the device screen size it is being viewed on.

Why use Responsive Design?

You will have 2 Billion reasons by 2015.

A research firm called strategy analytics, announced on October 17,2012 that the world has seen the 1 Billionth smart phone installation. It took the industry a long 16 years to achieve that landmark but the interesting part is that the next Billion of the smart phone install base is set to be achieved in less than next 3 years. Apart from smartphones there are about 250 million tablet owners that are accessing the internet from their devices.

All these people are essentially on the move while they are accessing the internet and they expect the experience to be as seamless as they would have on their desktops and laptops. A lot of important decisions are being taken by these people while on the move - They are looking for directions, booking tickets, researching what to shop and also actually buying through the devices. You surely don't want to give them a messy experience on your website where they have to zoom in and out to see various parts of it.

Still thinking about it... Here are some more facts!


If you are still reading, there is a huge probability that you do not have a responsive web design implemented on your website yet.
How would you prefer your customers to see your website

In 2011 there were some 5% of mobile gadget users who browsed web pages regularly. In 2012 that doubled to 10%. What about 2013? Double again? Surely. 10% of 1 billion smartphone owners. That's quite a number isn't it.

Here's another one for you to think about. During the 2012 Christmas shopping period in the USA which also included Black Friday, 28% of consumers bought via their smartphones. Wow. Have an online shop and your site is not responsive yet?

Read enough but still need more info? Contact the Responsive Web Design Experts now for free advice and a free quotation to take your website to over 1 Billion smartphone users.

You don't want potential customers to get frustrated if they can't find your contact details or product information, they will move on within seconds. You need to turn these leads into customers and clients at the moment they are desperately seeking what you have to offer. Not when they get home and have forgotten about you.

To see what your website looks like on various mobile phone use this free Mobile Tester.

And when you are ready to get your own mobile optimised website go here: Order Mobile Optimised Website


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