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Why Digital Marketing Company Keep Track of Your Business Indexed Pages?

Why to keep track of your Business Indexed Pages

Evaluating your online presence and assessing its effectiveness is one of the key activities that every digital marketing company undertakes. The best digital marketing company aligns its goals to look at the performance of your web pages according to their rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But how do the search engine result pages bring up your own web page on a keyword search? Let’s see how that works.

Indexing is an activity that is performed by every search engine using objects that analyze the pages. These objects are referred to as ‘crawlers’ and they rank the analyzed pages in the order of their relevance to each user (based on the search criteria, keywords). By this act of crawling through all internet pages, search engines such as Google, generate the repository of indexed pages. Remember that all indexed pages are the means to attract customers and land them to your websites from the search engines. If your pages aren’t indexed, then you are missing the ability to generate traffic to your website.

How & Why to track indexed pages?

Now comes the crucial question – How to track the information of all indexed pages of your business website? While seeking the SEO services for your brand, get the best digital marketing company with the prolific capabilities of keeping a tab or a close watch on your indexed page’s information. There are simple reasons as to why it is important –

  • Despite great and smart content that you add to your brand website, you may lose traffic and potential customers if your pages aren’t indexed.
  • Organic visibility to your website increases with the indexed pages and site performance is better too!

Your implementation company, ideally the best digital marketing company should be promptly doing the job of tracking the indexed pages of your brand website. They can track the number of indexed pages using any of the options below –

  • Some companies may use the Google Webmaster account or any custom SEO tool that checks the index status of the web pages of your business site. The index status report will clear a graphical view of the indexed pages.
  • A simple site command, when used on the search engine, will bring up all of the pages that have been indexed by Google.

Utilize the information to understand the gap with respect to submitted pages vs. the indexed pages. The tracking of your digital marketing company is expected to be an ongoing activity until almost all of your business pages are indexed.



Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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