What is Web Analytics and why is it important?

Web Analytics gives detailed information regarding the visitors and their behaviour. It is a very rich source of information for marketers. It collects all the session information for each and every visitor to your website. This data can then be used to analyze and plan the course of action and SEO strategies. Google Analytics is the most used Web Analytics service.

Web analytics make tracking easy for all the different metrics. The data collected provides you with information that you can use for improving your website and ROI. Web analytics consulting services helps in the proper analysis of this data. Web Analytics can be used for the following:

Track Visitor’s Behaviour

The web Analytics data helps you to find out which search engine and queries people are using to visit your site. It also helps in having a look at their behaviour so that you can determine what was their action, how much time they spent on each page, or who went to sign up and used your services or made a purchase.

Traffic Sources

This tells us how the visitors are coming to the web page. You can get an overview of different sources that are sending traffic to your website i.e. ‘Direct Traffic’, ‘Referring Sites’, ‘Organic’, and ‘Social Sites’.

Content’s Effectiveness

A comprehensive content drill down analysis is a must to know the effectiveness of the content. You can get insightful information related to the most visited web pages, top landing pages etc. Through the behaviour of the visitors, you can identify which pages or content are most liked by your users. The more engaged they are on a page or the most visited page is the key.

Track the conversions

If you manage some pay per click (PPC) campaigns then you must be tracking the average cost per click (CPC). Using google conversion tracking is a great idea to know the return on your advertising investment.

Entry Page, Exit Page, and Bounce Rate

  • The first page that any user visits to gain access to your website is known as the entry page. A web page which has higher ‘entry page’ count is popular and effective in driving the users.
  • A web page from where the user exits your website is the exit page. A page with the maximum exits can point towards a page with errors or unappealing content.
  • Bounce rate documents the percentage of visits wherein a user entered a page and left the website from that page itself without visiting any other page.

A website integrated with Google Analytics can give you valuable insights around which a profitable online existence can be structured. You can always opt for a web analytics consulting service to drive the most benefit out of the Google Analytics services.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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