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What Is Quality Content And How To Determine Its Quality?

Quality Content And how to Determine its Quality

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of an intelligent effort.”

John Ruskin.

Let’s take an extensive look at “what is quality content”? As we all know very well that content is the king and you should provide good quality of content that is subjective, informative, impressive and engaging. Here are some tips based on our experience as an essential part of the SEO industry.

We are taking help of Google to describe some quality guidelines with a few basic principles:

  • The web pages are for the users, not for the search engines only.
  • So don’t mislead your users.
  • Avoid tricks and content that is written solely with an intention to improve the search engine rankings.
  • Think reasons to improve the website to make it unique, and engaging.

It is beneficial for the website to start avoiding these techniques in order to give it a powerful appearance:

  • Stay away from the automatically generated content
  • Stop participating in the link schemes.
  • Do not create pages with little or no original content.
  • Avoid including hidden texts or links
  • Do not use scraped content
  • Try not to upload irrelevant keywords on the pages.
  • Avoid creating pages with an intention of harming, such as phishing or installing viruses, Trojans etc.

So, instead of going for the shortcuts, start with good practices like:

  • Monitor your website regularly and remove the hacked content as soon as it appears on the pages.
  • Prevent and remove user-generated spam on your website in a systematic way.

As mentioned in the Google’s Webmaster Academy Course, it tells you how to “create productive content” and make your site functional. Let’s craft a reliable and engaging structure for the users:

  • Make it practical & informative
  • Make it effective and useful in comparison to other sites in your field.
  • Add credibility to it by using authentic research, citations, links, and ratings.
  • Make it unique and specific. It should not be outsourced.
  • At first, it should give a good experience to the user, then think about the ranks in the search engines.
  • Add life to your website by adding images of the products, services, team and yourself.

We also have a few guidelines to help you increase the quality ratings. There is a big difference between high-quality and low-quality content. ‘Content is the reason search began.’ So, we are highlighting some fundamental characteristics of the high-quality page:

  • It has a high level of expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness
  • The main content should be convincing
  • The reputation of the website should be positive, that is responsible for the main content on the page.
  • It should be understanding the main intent of the user and their query.

There are also some ways to control the signals that define the quality with the help of broken links, wrong information, avoiding the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, the speed of page loading, features of the website and much more.

In the end, the content needs to be a good result for the user. It should be complete and relevant. Just add insights and make it deliver the truth with some effective words. ‘It is quality rather than quantity that matters.’ well quoted by Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

Qualified Electronics Engineer (B.Tech.) and Certified Digital Marketing Expert with a proven track record of working in the industry for more than 8 years. Core area of specialisation comprises Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing & Syndication, and Industry Market Research. I’m passionate about intelligent customer journey mapping & delivering ROI. I can help you build your brand reputation & improve your business’s online presence with an extensive knowledge of various technical aspects.

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