Top Digital Marketing Tool You Should Use in 2018

A marketing tool is a strategy adopted by a company to promote and sell its product or services. In today’s technologically driven world, it is imperative for every business to have an online presence if it wishes to survive. Thus, the tools adopted for marketing become digital marketing tools. There are a number of digital marketing tools being used by businesses to survive and thrive. 
Let us have a look at some of the top tools that businesses could use in 2018:
Google Trends: It is an online search tool. Using Google Trends, the user can determine how often particular keywords and phrases have been searched over a specified period of time. It has a feature called ‘Hot Searches’ that displays a list of the top 40 searches of the day in the USA. It also has Google Trends for Web sites. This analyses traffic to the website instead of traffic for certain keywords. Thus, Google Trends allows you to do a comparison of popular search trends. Your website will have traffic only if your content is good and relevant. Google Trends even assists in knowing what people are interested in so that you can tailor your content accordingly.
Netpeak Spider: It is a digital marketing tool that offers a comprehensive SEO analysis. It automatically checks 50+ parameters and detects more than 60 SEO errors. It will analyze your website and give a comprehensive feedback about issues regarding site optimization. it highlights issues that are influencing a website’s visibility and help the developers to resolve these issues thus increasing traffic to the website. It is also possible to customize the crawling. Instead of searching the entire website and wasting precious time, this tool can search just certain sections or categories and is thus more efficient. It also checks content for duplication and points them out so that they can be modified. It also helps to improve backlinks which will result in increased traffic.
Topvisor: It is a Thailand based SEO software. It keeps a track of SEO progress by making use of its on-page SEO grader and keyword ranking capabilities. It has a keyword clustering tool. This is handy in launching content-driven online marketing campaigns. Another important feature is the website watcher tool. With the help of this feature, users are able to track changes in their website in real time. It also allows users to check the changes in their competitors’ websites and what they are doing to rank higher in search engine results. It also has the URL shortener feature. With the help of this tool, users can create links that can be shared on social media platforms.
There are many more such tools to watch out for so that one can maintain all-important edge in the world of digital marketing.
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