Digital Marketing tactics

In today’s technological landscape, a solid digital marketing strategy is vital. Your business success depends on the right use of digital marketing services and strategy which can lead to higher sales, customers and growth. Traditional online advertising has become a thing of the past making it extremely important to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve, keep up-to-date on trends and break through the clutter. Here are the top 7 tactics by Elixir Web Solutions for effective use digital marketing services and optimize the strategy-

1. Prioritize customer needs

When the team is consumed with building the web presence and developing the product or service, you often lose sight of the customers you wish to target. While using the digital marketing services, most of the people rush to buy ads and acquire traffic to drive revenues. The small efficiency improvements in the conversion rates, email capture and retargeting can pay huge dividends. You will get hold of the customers more cost-efficiently and keep money for higher risk marketing strategies.

2. Audit and update SEO frequently

Your product/services may be great, but is it reaching all the people? SEO services can significantly help the brand reach the people who want what you are offering. Experts suggest to update the SEO once a quarter; after all Google updates the algorithm more than 500 times a year. Do proper keyword analysis in order to make your brand as discoverable and searchable as possible.

3. Prioritize blogging as a lead generation tool

Posting valuable content drives traffic to your website and social media pages, while increasing the ranking in search engines. In facts, marketers who blog are more likely to get positive ROI than those who don’t. Each post is one more indexed page on the website, making it likely customers will find you searching online. Blogging gives your brand a voice making it more authentic than generic.

4. Host high quality live events and webinars

There are a number of digital marketing services you can use to engage with your audience. To streamline the process of event promotion, use a third party to make the process seamless. With some help with the details, you can focus on the big picture and create an experience your customer will remember long after it’s over.

5. Email Distribution

Email marketing is still one of the best digital marketing services to reach the audience and the fact that it costs nearly nothing to execute makes it one of the best tools. They work better than other mobile forms of notifications as they do not cost the consumer anything and can be accessed on devices other than phones and have more space to deliver a message. Emails keep the audience engaged which in turn keep your brand top of mind.

6. Social Media

Social media is one of the cores of digital marketing services. Using what platforms your audience uses, you can target the posts and times to share. Engage with the audience on social media by starting conversations and replying to their complaints. Most customers use social media for service inquiries, so make sure you are a part of the narrative so that you can direct it to a positive outcome.

7. Make your marketing mobile

Make sure that your website is optimized for both desktops and mobile. The better accessibility you provide your audience, the more likely they are to purchase. Authenticity reigns supreme in any of these strategies. An online presence allows you to connect with the audience in unknown ways and build a brand you want to engage with.


Govinda Chandak

Qualified Electronics Engineer (B.Tech.) and Certified Digital Marketing Expert with a proven track record of working in the industry for more than 8 years. Core area of specialisation comprises Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing & Syndication, and Industry Market Research. I’m passionate about intelligent customer journey mapping & delivering ROI. I can help you build your brand reputation & improve your business’s online presence with an extensive knowledge of various technical aspects.

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