Link Building Methods

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to a web page. A “backlink” is one of the most used words in the world of SEO services. When a webpage is linked to any other page, it is called a backlink. In the past, backlinks were the main parts for the rankings of a webpage. A page with a lot of backlinks was expected to rank higher on all major search engines. This is still true to a large extent.

Here are the best link building methods suggested by a top digital marketing company –

1. Create assets such as data and research

Investing in research and original data is a systematic link-building method making the #1 link building technique. One should not undervalue original data and research in today’s time. Content is the most important thing and nothing is more valuable than the most current content.

How to use data and research for link building?

  • Start with a topic that is valuable and will attract maximum interest from your audience.
  • Conduct independent research and compile the findings.
  • Publish your research with some design elements and share it.
  • Create complementary content based on your research.
  • Promote and share your findings

2. Facebook Target Journalists

This method can cost you peanuts but can result in some brilliant and big opportunities. When you are looking for backlinks from Press releases, you usually go to two places –

Publications – Find the editor and send them an email.
PR company – Spend money to let them do press releases for you.

According to some, this can be a waste of time. Going directly to the journalists and having them create content and link for you with their influence. This can also be done using the Facebook ads, Put together the list of journalists you want to contact and find their Facebook profiles. Create an advertisement to tell them what you want. The cost for this is supposed to very low.

3. Share content on social media

Link building via social media is an effective and popular strategy amongst all. All found value in social media – both through sharing content and including links in social media profiles.

How to build links through sharing content on social media :

  • Use social tools to find audience on social media.
  • Find patterns in popular content that has maximum engagement, share, likes and comments.
  • Create high-quality content according to your reader’s interest.
  • Publish and promote your content.
  • Remarket and reshare your content.

4. Link building through videos

Link building through videos is found to be effective. Many backlinks come up when we create videos. Experts have seen a lot of success in self-hosting videos on their website or on social media pages. If you want to include some video in your backlink building strategy, it is never too late.

How to build backlinks with video?

  • Share and promote any self hosted videos on social media.
  • Retrieve the links Youtube’s earned for your content.

5. Make your anchor text natural in each link you build

It’s important to have anchor text that is relevant to your site or webpage, but using your keywords as anchor text for all your inbound links is a sure-fire way of coming under Google’s black hat practices radar and suffering the consequences. For example, if you write a post about the ‘Top Social Media Marketing Tools’ on your marketing blog, a reference using anchor texts such as “great sportwear” or “cheap clothing” will not heed any good. In fact, if you link a post with links related to the blog post, the results would be far more natural and actually drive traffic to the blog.

An important note by a leading digital marketing company Stops using your keywords as anchors for every link you build. Your reader is smarter than you think.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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