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What Is Email Marketing?

The e-mail marketing service is a powerful marketing channel, a sort of marketing and digital marketing, that uses e-mail for marketing your business’s products or services. 

Anytime a corporation sends out an e-mail, apart from order confirmations and direct responses to customer questions, it might be considered e-mail marketing. 

E-mail marketing is one part of internet retailing that includes online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, etc. This marketing segment can be ruled with the help of free e-mail marketing software that are easy to access. 

What are Email Marketing Softwares?

E-mail marketing is often used for various purposes, from growing an inventory of e-mail subscribers, designing and building customized e-mail templates, making segmented lists for more targeted, relevant e-mails to be sent. 

With a spread of services, resources, and tools, the software allows marketers to try to far more than send e-mails.

With numerous different options for Email Marketing Softwares today, it are often challenging to narrow your choices. 

Before choosing the most straightforward e-mail marketing software, you would like to know how the proper ESP can meet your business needs. the following list can assist you in breaking it down:

A rich selection of e-mail templates: free e-mail marketing tools provider should have an exclusive e-mail template selection. It should serve many various e-mail marketing purposes—from newsletters to promotions, announcements, and beyond—that are often quickly and customized to suit your branding.

A robust e-mail builder: within the DIY marketing era, you would like an e-mail builder that is intuitive and straightforward to use, with simple drag-and-drop features (so you do not need to take a training course before you start using it).

Built-in design and spam testing: Before sending out your e-mail campaign, you will want to ascertain a preview of how your template, images, and messaging will display during a sort of distinct inboxes, both on desktops and mobile gadgets. Search for e-mail marketing software that ensures your e-mails look great in any e-mail client.

Ten best email marketing software

Following are the Best Email Marketing Softwares that will help your business shine like a diamond!


HubSpot is that the king of selling automation is no different when it involves their e-mail marketing tool.

They allow you to quickly and create, personalize, and optimize your e-mails without the necessity for designers or IT.

Where their software shines is within the automated workflows. This enables you to set triggers for your e-mail subscribers and nurture the leads into customers (or whatever else you would like them to do, like on social media).

The software’s handy mapping tool allows you to see this also for greater clarity and straightforward optimization.

HubSpot is straightforward to use and allows you to customize your layout, add calls-to-action and pictures, and modify your content and colors to match your brand.

The HubSpot e-mail tool is free for up to 2,000 e-mail sends per month, with upgrade solutions starting at $50/month.


Moosend offers an e-mail marketing solution regardless of whether you are an entire beginner or a seasoned pro.

From their easy drag-and-drop e-mail builder to their easy segmentation tool, they need all the features you would like to nail your e-mail marketing campaigns to their accurate real-time analytics.

Our favorite thing about Moosend is its ecommerce AI. It leverages machine learning and collaborative filtering to focus on customers with products they could like to support customers’ shopping habits.

Moosend also does the fundamentals of e-mail marketing alright. Their advanced personalization features allow you to make e-mails unique for your target customer. 

Their segmentation tool will enable you to split your audience by purchasing behavior, cart abandoned products, and more.

Pricing starts free with their premium plans starting at $8 per month.


MailerLite may be a basic e-mail marketing service that gives all of the essentials with none of the fat. Rather than adding on many extra features and functionality, MailerLite sticks to only what you would like.

This is perfect for anyone who wants a more accessible, more straightforward e-mail marketing service. You are a creator who does not need plenty of bells and whistles. You only need the tools to start your newsletter or send e-mails—and do so well.

MailerLite features a drag-and-drop editor, which makes it easy for anyone to style a high-quality message. Segment your subscribers to reinforce personalization and optimize your campaigns with features like A/B testing.

The pricing tiers still rise at about $20-$40 per 10,000 subscribers. MailerLite offers a 30% discount if you check-in for annual billing, making it one of the only affordable options on our list.

There is a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers, but you are limited to only 12,000 e-mails per month. You will use this feature as an extended free trial when you are just starting.


Omnisend is an easy-to-use e-mail marketing solution that is tailor-made for ecommerce sites. They provide multiple features like automated e-mail and SMS messaging to convert leads into customers.

They do this by going a step further than most, combining text messages, browser push notifications, e-mail marketing, Google Customer Match, and Facebook ad retargeting to make sure you connect with the foremost customers as possible.

They even have pre-built automations for actions your customer might take, like cart abandonment e-mails/messages, alongside welcome e-mails/messages.

Their library of themed drag-and-drop templates makes creating gorgeous, on-brand e-mails simple.

Their annual plans and costs are supported by what percentage of contacts you have got.


ConvertKit may be a perfect choice for creators of all stripes. That has influencers, bloggers, video producers, musicians, artists, and more. 

That is because their platform focuses more on engaging your audience and nurturing them with landing pages, ecommerce platforms, and membership sites.

Instead of having multiple lists of contacts, ConvertKit groups all of your subscribers into one plan. 

But you will still be ready to tag them manually for segmentation purposes or with auto tags supporting their behavior to enhance your campaigns’ personalization. That is great for creators with big audiences.

ConvertKit is best for sending quick e-mails with clean formatting. There are not any complex designs or distracting elements here.

For those of you who want to create automated e-mail funnels at a reasonable price, ConvertKit will be a top option for you to think about.

If you turn to ConvertKit with quite 5,000 subscribers, you will enjoy their free concierge migration service. You will save money and obtain two months free of charge if you check-in for an annual plan.


Sendinblue may be a complete marketing automation software that mixes both e-mail marketing services also as SMS messages. 

They provide a haul & drop builder that you can use to make highly engaging e-mails, build automated workflows, and segment users.

Sendinblue offers an automated e-mail marketing solution for growing businesses.

That means if you are beginning your business and searching to grow your list (and your sales), Sendinblue may be a top contender.

The platform is out there via a great free plan that provides you unlimited contacts and up to 300 e-mails per day. That is a reasonably great deal—especially if you are running a bootstrap startup or solo operation.

Their e-mail builder is incredibly intuitive, with a drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to create your e-mail’s design and feel.


Mailchimp is another popular e-mail marketing solution. It is geared toward startups since it is flexible, affordable, and may grow together with your business.

Lots of people choose Mailchimp because they will start for free of charge. You will not be charged anything if you have got fewer than 2,000 subscribers on your list.

As a replacement business, it is nice to understand that you can start an e-mail list with Mailchimp without paying a monthly fee early.

This gives you time to grow your list and obtain the most out of it before you have to pay. 


GetResponse may be a bit quite a basic e-mail marketing service. It is more of an all-in-one solution that focuses on automation.

With tools and features like audience segmentation, autoresponders, landing page builders, automated e-mails, advanced analytics, and even webinar software, you will be ready to collect beaucoup leads, put them within the proper workflows, and switch them into returning customers.

One standout tool that GetResponse offers is named Autofunnel. It are often wont to create funnels for sales, leads, webinars, and more. It is fully automated and effortless to use.

Funnels include e-mails, landing pages, exit popups, marketing automation, Facebook ads, and ecommerce integration. It all depends on your goals and the way you would like to line them up. 

But GetResponse provides all the tools you would like to grow your subscriber list and monetize those contacts.

It is the proper thanks to guiding customers through the conversion process with multiple digital touchpoints.

Constant Contact 

Constant Contact may be a great platform we recommend to those who are newer to the e-mail marketing world.

That is due to their intuitive drag-and-drop e-mail builder. It allows you to create new e-mails that look good and on-brand—no coding knowledge needed. 

It couples excellently with its quite 100 pre-built, mobile-optimized templates.

With Constant Contact, you will track the results of your campaigns in real-time. You will see everything from open rates to click-through rates, also as data for every individual subscriber.

Pricing for Constant Contact’s e-mail software is simple. There are two plans for you to settle on from—E-mail and Email Plus.

Like most e-mail marketing platforms, your rate will be supported by the number of subscribers on your list.


AWeber may be a traditional e-mail marketing service that is reliable and affordable.

Where AWeber shines, though, is its simple pricing structure. It is very lucrative to those with small lists.

Unlike other platforms that add features and capabilities for plans at different price points, AWeber offers all of its components with every project.

Pricing is predicated strictly on the number of subscribers on your list. So you will get equivalent features in deliverability rates whether you have got 20 contacts or 20,000 contacts.

Final Words

Now you know the tricks to make hike in your business. So, wait for none and quickly try out these amazing tools. If you have any query, feel free to contact our experts who always take up your queries with open arms and put in all efforts to resolve them on a high priority basis.


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