Top 10 Common SEO Errors And How To Fix Them

Common SEO Errors


Today, running an intensive and comprehensive SEO campaign is paramount for ranking. If you are not optimizing your website and maintaining the trends, your ranking competitors are sure.

It is useful to consider SEO as simply the amalgamation of best practices recognized by the search engines.

Often, the ranking of a web site is ruined by accidentally not following a best practice. So this text is about those SEO mistakes that we all make from time to time.

If you discover yourself committing those mistakes, you will be ready to fix errors in seo, and if you have not yet, you will know to avoid them.

What are SEO Issues?

When it involves SEO, always target delivering high-quality content and increasing user engagement. While several SEO mistakes can even be seen as human errors, having an everyday site audit will ensure that your site is in a physiological state.

The common seo mistakes are small points that are missed while you perform all the activities. As a result, despite all the efforts put in, the result is either negligible or null.  

Top 10 Common SEO Errors and Their Possible Fixes

Following are a few common seo mistakes to avoid: 

1. Slow Site Speed

Slow site speed can deter people once they attempt to access content on your page. Having invested some time and efforts to drive traffic from SERPs is essentially futile if the page takes too long to load.

Possible Fixes

Run your web page through the Google PageSpeed Insights to see your page’s performance to understand your site’s speed better. 

Image Size and Format: Set the image size to 72dpi with the assistance of picture editing tools and using image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP to assist in decreasing the bandwidth spent by images.

Javascript and CSS: Compress JavaScript and CSS code by using shorter names for variables to scale back the dimensions and, in turn, increase the loading time.

2. Bad Reviews on Google

When it involves having reviewed a few products or services, one can expect positive and negative ones. 

However, the entire number of reviews increases your business’s social proof and contributes to localized search ranking factors. While positive reviews improve your website’s credibility, having only positive reviews makes it look very suspicious. 

At an equivalent time, several customers expressing dissatisfaction about your website can even chase away traffic.

Possible Fix

You can make use of negative reviews as to how to create relationships together with your customers—helping you understand your audience and, in turn, gain a replacement audience. 

Posting on social media about the sorts of issues faced and the measures wont to handle them will increase your website’s credibility.

With the assistance of industry-specific review sites and social media, you will encourage people to post reviews about your services and openly acknowledge their inquiries to cause you to sound genuine.

3. Faulty Google My Business Verification Code

Encountering issues with the verification PIN you receive for your Google My Business account is one of the major common seo issues.

Possible Fix

Change your “private” profile to “public” and check out again. If this does not work, request a replacement PIN. the matter may arise after you update your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) details. To avoid this, confirm that your contact information is according to your listing.

4. Duplicate content

Duplicate content refers to content that’s either similar or just like other content on your site and is one of the serious technical seo issues. Although Google does not impose a penalty for duplicate content, it’s very likely to affect the web pages’ ranking. 

As search engines rarely show an equivalent version of two content within the SERPs, it chooses the one which seems more relevant to the readers.

Possible Fix

As content is king for any website, having unique content permits the audience to urge the precise information about your products or services can assist you to urge established as a trustworthy player within the market. 

So as a fix to the present SEO mistake, before publishing any content on your webpage, make sure that it’s not repeated anywhere. For instance, with Copyscape tools, you will look for copies of your page online and remove the duplicate content.

5. Not Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

Living in a mobile-first world now, many users believe in mobile devices instead of computers. There are several advantages to having mobile-friendly websites as they create up quite half the search results on Google. 

At an equivalent time, you’ll likely lose viewers if your page isn’t optimized for mobile. If you haven’t used this feature, your site is missing out on the foremost advanced sorts of design.

Possible Fix 

By being mobile optimized, the location will reformat itself completely for various devices. Site speed and style structure also are improved once you optimize your website for mobile.

You can leverage the Mobile-Friendly Test tool to see if your page is mobile-friendly or not. If you discover your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then choose a reliable web host, optimize your site’s loading time, enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and redesign your pop-ups for mobile devices.

6. Contact Form Is not Converting

According to Formisimo, only 49 per cent of the 1.5 million visitors who see a form fill it out. Moreover, only 16 per cent of these viewers complete it. There are several reasons why contact forms don’t become conversions, including:

  • Too many form fields
  • Unclear or non-functioning submit button
  • Too few or too many options within the dropdowns

Possible Fix

To optimize your contact form, make it engaging and straightforward to fill out. Also, as a fix to the present SEO mistake, provide fewer form fields to boost conversions.

7. Low Text to HTML Ratio

This is yet one more SEO mistake that will not be paid much attention to because it is more associated with technical SEO. 

Although the content on your webpage is in textual format, it’s the HTML code (like headings, links, JavaScript, images, etc.) that underlies it. Text to HTML correlates the share of text content to the HTML code—from what the program discovers on an equivalent page.

Possible Fix

A low text to HTML ratio may be a critical indicator to enhance page load times as an HTML-heavy webpage can adversely affect the loading times and user experience. 

To fix the present SEO mistake, add relevant on-page text where necessary, move inline scripts to separate files, and remove unnecessary code. 

Confirm to use simple text on-page so that the dimensions of your webpage is as minimal as possible. One of the foremost often made SEO mistake isn’t checking if you’re pages are becoming indexed by Google or not.

8. Long Messy URLs

A URL, or the uniform resource locator, maybe a web address that specifies the situation of an internet page on the web. When it involves character limits, URLs should ideally be shorter than 2083 characters—or 512 pixels—to avoid truncation by Google or render correctly altogether browsers.

Possible Fix

The best thanks to solving Google indexing issues is through Google Search Console. once you submit a URL inspection, you will see if the webpage URL is indexed or not

With the assistance of the Deepcrawl tool, the great website crawler, you will simulate how program bots crawl your website. You will dig deep without affecting website performance and obtain a comprehensive report of each URL.

9. Faulty Redirects

Placing redirects could lead to a loss of SEO value and traffic. If your redirects provide little or no value, you ought to consider cleaning them up. Ultimately, this may increase your load time and, therefore, the bounce rate.

Possible Fix

Using the crawl stats feature in Google Search Console, you’ll identify which pages are throwing a 404 error on your site.

10. Outdated Content and Information on Website

Have you ever checked the pattern you or your writers follow to keep the content and website updated? It is very important to keep relevant information on the website to keep the traffic engaged.

Possible Fix

You can ask your writers to change the pedagogy they follow to write content. There is always a shift in the demand of choices put forth by the customers and thus, the businesses must change their working patterns to sync with what the customers want.

Final Thoughts

Even today, with such a spread of guides, resources, and classes on SEO, it seems crazy that somebody would forget to jot down optimal title tags, as an example. That said, we see the mistakes presented here again and again everywhere on the net. 

Thus, getting in touch with the right agency can help you fix seo problems and get a better ranking of your business. 



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