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The State of Search Engine Marketing in India

Search Engine Marketing in India

There were days when businesses came into existence, created a product or service and pushed it into the market for sale. People were at the receiving end and bought what was available. Slowly, times changed and people started stating their needs and requirements and the push strategy changed into the pull. In this, companies made what people demanded.
During this phase, marketing wasn’t required on a large basis as people knew what companies are making and businesses made only what was needed. But slowly, as the industry of products and service grew, businesses started feeling the need for marketing. On field marketing caught rage and became the state of the art. Those who excelled in marketing their product and service ruled the market.

The birth of Online Marketing

The only constant is change. As the concept of marketing began to have its own importance, people looked for more. That was when there was a complete revolution in the arena of marketing. The World Wide Web came into existence and changed the entire game. Slowly people started looking for an online presence and that is when the entire concept of search engine marketing came into the picture. Today, every SEO Service company ensures that they are giving utmost importance to search engine marketing.

Some facts and figures of Search Engine Marketing in the country

Since there has been a paradigm shift from physical on field marketing to online marketing, all the SEO Service Companies are making it a point to provide the latest state of the art to the clients and customers. Below are some interesting facts and figures of Search Engine Marketing in the country –

  • India has been termed as one of the fastest evolving economies in digital marketing
  • It has been seen that about 35% of the Indian populations use the internet to search or look for answers to their problems. This figure is expected to grow to about 55% in the next few years.
  • In the year 2016, almost one-fourth of the marketing budget for every company was dedicated to search engine marketing and its strategies.

Growing education in this sector

Owing to the growing demand for search engine marketing, more and more institutions are offering this subject as part of their curriculum. In fact, a lot of SEO Service Companies are offering internships to aspiring students who aim to have a career in this field.

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