The Real-Time Penguin 4.0 Update By Google

Penguin Update

Every business wants their website to rank among the top search results of Google & to attain the top ranking on SERPs. Certain websites follow the easiest way that is the black hat SEO techniques to achieve it. The black hat SEO techniques give results by generating a larger number of links pointing to the website but this technique is against the Google Webmaster guidelines. In order to make sure that such websites that indulge in black hat SEO don’t really sustain the ranking, Google launched an algorithm that makes sure the search engine ranking of these websites drop. This algorithm of Google is called Google Penguin.

Google Penguin was first launched on 24 April 2012. Since then there have been 6 updates, with Penguin 4.0 (Real time) to be the recent one. Penguin 4.0 (Real time) was launched on 23 September 2016. This Google update was launched after almost 2 years. According to Google, after a lot of testing and developments, they have launched the new real-time version of the Penguin. This new version will actively be working on penalizing and decreasing the websites that follow the unauthorized practices to rank higher on SERPs. As the new Penguin is real time signal processed within its core search algorithm, it is expected to be the last update for the same.

Some of the key features of Google Penguin 4.0 (Real time) are as follows:

Penguin Goes Real Time

Earlier the data of Penguin had to be refreshed time and again to update the improvements done by a website and to determine its latest presence across the web. However now after the update, Penguin’s data is refreshed in real time. The changes made by a website will be reflected soon after the re-indexing of the page is done and the crawlers go through the page. The changes will thus be visible much faster.

Penguin becomes page specific

Now after the much-awaited update, the Penguin has become granular. It is now page specific, which means that it will now affect specific pages of a site or certain sections of the site while the rest of the site is fine. Earlier Penguin was a page specific penalty.

The initial impact report of the Penguin was very small, with almost no reports of recoveries. However, the impact cannot be specifically calculated as of now because the update is constantly happening and hence the percentage of the impact and recoveries will be constantly changing.

Here are the reports of the past Penguin updates and their impact on the queries.

UpdateLaunched on% Of Queries Impacted
Penguin 1.026 May 2012~3.1% of Queries
Penguin 1.126 May 2012Less than 0.1%
Penguin 1.25 October 2012~0.3% of Queries
Penguin 2.022 May 20132.3% of Queries
Penguin 2.14 October 2013~1% of Queries
Penguin 3.017 October 2014~1% of Queries

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