Essentials of PPC Campaign

PPC is a key part of digital marketing techniques that needs equal attention. Obtaining effective PPC services in India is significant for the growth of a business. Keeping the points in mind that are explained below, you can create a winning situation for your business.

  1. Embrace negative keywords – Negative keywords help businesses to reduce ad spending, reach the most interested and the relevant buyers and hence, maximize the Return on Investment (ROI). For example, if you have a company that doesn’t offer anything for free including it in your negative keywords, your business will not be visible in the search bars. If you have seen used negative keywords yet, incorporate them to see the unseen business benefits.
  2. Keyword Management – This is the foundation of any PPC campaign. Yet, many businesses continue to overlook or place importance on this aspect. This results in ineffective PPC campaigns eating your marketing budget. You need to identify the genuine search terms that the targeted customers are using and create ads groups based on the keyword list. Targeting specific groups increases the relevance of the ads and landing pages with the audience.
  3. Optimize the landing page – One of the most important segments for a PPC campaign is that the landing page of your site should be optimized effectively. This page carries the utmost importance for the website traffic to be converted into business clients. If the existing landing page is not appropriate enough to achieve the maximum conversions then you have the provision to create a fresh landing page for the website and do the optimization for maximum conversion.
  4. Quality Score – The Google Adwords system assigns a quality score from 0 to 10. The score is calculated for every search that matches the keyword. A higher number of searches associated with the keyword extract a higher score. One should aim for a quality score of 10 as this means better positioning and low cost per click for the ads.
  5. Use Add extensions – The use of ad extensions enhance the quality scores and improve the click-through rate. If you avoid using ad extensions and use irrelevant ones, then the campaign might not heed good results. Different types of extension such as the site-link, location, phone, product, review, etc. Besides this, the use of ad extensions enables to provide your audience options. It can prove to be a complete game-changer and help attain a high PPC conversion rate only when you choose them wisely.
  6. Campaign Settings – While setting a PPC campaign, there are certain settings that you should not overlook. It is important to have a key understanding of these settings such as networks, devices, locations, budget and bidding to optimize the ads for success. The performance needs to regularly monitor and a detailed analysis needs to be carried out.
  7. Maximum potential buyers – With the help of Google Adwords, you can catch the customers at peak times. For definite improvement, you can narrow peaks down by hourly slots every day. Using Adwords will help the potential customers find the brand faster as it displays the hand whenever a customer searches online.

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Awadhesh Pandey

Awadhesh is a full-stack Digital marketing manager. He has over twelve years' experience in Digital helping Local & international companies generate more traffic, leads, and sales from various channels.

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