SEO Trends That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

SEO Trends Not to Ignore

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most utilized tool in digital marketing. Most of the users make use of search engines while looking for any product or service. Usually, the search ends on the 1st or 2nd page of the search engine result pages (SERPs). A business can get a boost in sales if it is able to achieve a higher rank in SERP. Surprisingly, it is not the quality of the product that makes it achieve a higher rank but the strategy of the digital marketing team. One of the leading SEO Company India, Elixir Web Solutions lists some SEO trends that should not be ignored for continuing good business results.

1. Building trust in customers.

It is extremely important to be truthful, especially in the case of doing business online. Since consumers cannot actually verify the product, they rely on words. Misleading them by using vague keywords which have no relation to your product might initially generate hits on your webpage but will eventually decrease your ranking on SERPs.

2. Network building.

Use of social media sites can lead to a number of connections and followers which helps in building up your brand name/image and recall value. You can also indulge in link building by posting stuff on relevant sites which creates a backchannel to your webpage.

3. Blogs, Forums and Q & A boards are important.

These are very important sources to build backlinks to your sites. They are frequently featured on search engine pages. Many users turn to them to resolve their queries and for reviews. Posting a relevant answer or taking part in meaningful discussion turns the traffic towards your website.

4. Change the way you search.

Adapting to the latest trends can be quite rewarding. According to top SEO Company India, the latest trend is voice search and it is expected to become extremely popular in the coming years.

5. Use videos and photos as marketing tools.

A picture says a thousand words. This holds true even now considering the popularity of YouTube! A video advertisement will generate more traffic than any other form of advertising.

6. Content matters.

Last but not the least, nothing can replace great content. An easy to navigate website that provides relevant information with good visuals, great UI, a secure payment gateway is sure to be a winner any day.

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