Prodigious changes in adwords

Here we are highlighting few significant changes that you will notice in a short time to AdWords.

1. Local ads to appear on Google Maps –The brand logos and offers will surface on the map shown on the website rather than on the side of it. There is a more focus on Google maps because now it has more than a billion users. Location related searches have grown up to 50 percent than overall mobile searches in the past year. To drive more online traffic from the maps to local businesses, Google is working on other ad formats.

Google is using Promotion pins to revamp the local business pages. With this advertisers can highlight an in- store promotion and the user can search the local inventory quickly.

2. Expanded Text Ads Get Double headlines - In the new expanded version of text ads, the headlines are much bigger. Advertisers will be able to have a two-30 character headlines. It will affect the CTRs with the double headlines. It will be more useful for the advertisers as it will lead to higher traffic.

3. Better Measurement of In store conversions - More in store conversions of businesses can happen by bridging the gap between virtual and material world.

4. New versions of responsive display ads - Soon you will get a chance to provide Google with a URL, a header, description, and illustration and Google will create influenceable display ads for your business. Google is reducing the hassle with this pattern of responsive display ads; it will give you the best format for your ad.

5. Few Changes are coming to the procedure of Device Bidding - Now you will be able to set bids on mobile, desktop and tablet independently, or make them dependent on each other. No doubts it will provide high flexibility to the advertiser.


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