MOZ Page Authority 2.0 is on its way: What to expect?

moz page authority 2.0

Have you ever wondered how your webpages well your webpages will rank on search engines? If this thought kept troubling you at all times, then the best solution for you was the MOZ Page Authority. And the best news about MOZ Page Authority is that it will soon be upgrading to become MOZ Page Authority 2.0. Now before you start wondering what this all about, let us get into the details. 

What is MOZ Page Authority?

For those of you who aren’t aware of what MOZ Page Authority is, or for those who need a reminder of its definition, then let us tell you what it exactly is. Page Authority has been developed by Moz. It is basically a score that will help you predict how a particular webpage will rank on the search engine result pages. The MOZ Page Authority scores on a logarithmic-scale of 100 points. If the score of the particular page is on a higher scale, then it can be said that that page will also have a greater rank. 

What changes to expect in MOZ Page Authority 2.0?

MOZ Page Authority 2.0 is an upgraded, better, and more effective version of the Moz Page Authority. You don’t have to count the backlinks anymore, nor do you have to hope that those somehow correlate with the SERPs. Page Authority 2.0 has a new manner of calculation that will most definitely bring out superior results. Let us now see the different changes that we can expect to see the new Moz PA 2.0.

In the Moz Page Authority, the training set was simply based out of SERPs. Although it was a simple and direct method of training, it was still lagging to provide everything desired. Hence the first change that we can expect in Moz PA 2.0 is in its training set. 

According to the developers, the training model of Page Authority is no longer based on the ability of a page to outrank other pages.  It is now based on the cumulative value of that particular page. This cumulative value is based on different metrics like CPC, search traffic, and many more. Although this may seem to be overly simplified, this methodology helps to compare pages that do not appear on the SERPs together in a much detailed way. 

Let us explain it with an example. Let us assume that page X has a topic that belongs to entertainment. Another page, page Y displays a topic that belongs to healthcare. Originally, these two pages would not be compared in the old Page Authority, because they do not belong to the same SERPs. But in this evolved Page Authority 2.0, an abstract value will be provided to each page, which in turn can compare them with any other page of any other topic, with the help of the new model.

Another major change that will be implicated in Page Authority 2.0 is that it will now use a common solution to run the model, identify the outliers, and feed the URLs back into the training set. After doing so, it will re-run the model so that it cal learn from the previous mistakes. This will also help reduce the number of outliers. 

Will MOZ Page Authority 2.0 affect my website’s current PA?


MOZ Page Authority 2.0 is an update that will ensure that you get the best reflection of the potential that your page holds to rank on the SERPs. So this update will cause changes in the current PA as well. Hence many pages will witness the change in PA due to the updated algorithm. Although the changes to the scores might be minimal, but there is always a possibility to find some material changes to the scores of a few pages. 

The new algorithm will definitely take link patterns, SPAM scores, and many other such factors into consideration. So if your page has spam links or unusual link patterns, then you might see a noticeable change in your PA scores. 


The MOZ Page Authority 2.0 is soon going to be launched and will be live for us all. As it prepares to go live, we should prepare ourselves for the new updates that are going to happen. This is a very crucial yet important time for us. Utilizing this time to educate and inform the clients of the changes and updates that are going to take place will not only help us stay prepared, but will also help our clients understand the whole concept of Page Authority 2.0. 

As a part of a leading digital marketing agency in the USA, we at Elixir have taken it on ourselves to let everyone know about this outstanding update that Moz is providing through Page Authority 2.0. We are not only waiting for it, we are excited about it.

We have also taken the responsibility of educating our clients about how things are changing for the better, thanks to this change in the PA algorithm. We are confident that this update will definitely boost all our digital marketing and SEO Efforts, and we will be successful in our strategies, getting the most out of them. 

If you want to know more about how this change will help with your digital marketing efforts, then all you will have to do it connect with us and get ready to chat with us. We are sure we will be able to help you out.




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