Missing SEO KPI for measuring SEO Performance

SEO initiatives are important as they help an online business to cater to the needs of the market. But, measuring SEO initiatives is a challenging task. The criteria for measuring SEO services have changed over the years. Rankings and organic traffic were one of the most famous indicators for measuring SEO success. KPI’s still include rankings as one of the criteria but it may not be completely accurate to judge the success of KPIs. There are certain parameters that are often missed while judging the success and failures of SEO Services Company in Delhi.

Let’s look at a list of KPI’s that can be important in measuring the efficiency of SEO

Length of Queries – In order to understand the characteristics of the type of traffic, an average number of words per query can be an important criterion. If a complex phrase generates more visits, then the performance of Long Tail SEO is good. It is good to have information on a particular group of keywords in order to plan future improvements in SEO.

Bounce Rate per Search Engine – The bounce rate on the keyword level speaks a lot about the quality of the keyword analysis during the SEO process. Every search engine will have different user profiles which can be considered while analyzing the bounce rate. This, in turn, will help to gauge how the website content is being perceived by different users.

Visit Duration – Duration of the visit can also be a quality benchmark to study the performance of SEO. But, it may also be a shaded performance indicator that can misguide the auditors as time spent on the last page can be ignored by the web statistics.

Users’ Loyalty – Users’ loyalty can be one of the performance indicators for community-based websites as SEO fulfills the business goals. It can also be detected by analyzing the visitor type so that the loyalty of users can be examined properly.

Keyword Rankings as an SEO KPI

The digital marketing society does not consider this metric as a KPI but it can be important to measure the performance of SEO. Even if one knows the exact position of a keyword in search, it may have variance based on a few different factors. These rankings are tracked daily to observe regular trends in SEO.

Measuring these KPI’s against other variables will help businesses to improve their SEO optimization process. Although it may sound easy, SEO Services Company in Delhi performs this by setting up the right tools that can help in the proper audit.

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Govinda Chandak

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