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Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Campaign is Goal Oriented

Digital Marketing campaign should be Goal Oriented

“If you are not tracking, you might as well not do it”

Mohit Sareen CEO, Elixir Web Solutions

In digital marketing, there are so many metrics that has to be tracked and measured on a daily basis. Sometimes you end up getting confused as to which ones are more beneficial. So, whenever it’s time to outline potential metrics in digital marketing, make sure that the metrics can be tracked and measured properly. In order to define the short and the long-term objectives of digital marketing and track your progress, keep these things in mind.

Selecting the Right Goal

You obviously do not want to waste your time, money, and effort into a marketing strategy that has no specific vision or goal. You can divide your goals into two groups

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Business Goals

Steering your business in the right direction is not an easy task. This is why you need to set some specific goals so that you know that you are heading towards progress. All of your business goals must be attainable and realistic.

To set your business goals you need to properly research and define your ultimate business objective. Here are some handy tips:

Do some research and find out what the major current trends are in your industry are. Look into the matter and find the percentage of growth. Do a thorough competitor analysis and be aware of your competitor’s progress in the industry.
Gather all the available historical data. Historical data is vital as it helps in predicting the future of a company and the market. All the internal data gathered from Google Analytics and other relevant analytics sites, emphasize on the number and type of transactions and information about your business. It’s essential to gather this information for the previous months and detect a trend. This will help in understanding the following issues:

  • Whether your business is affected by seasonality. It should be taken into serious consideration if you’re planning to grow your conversions.
  • Trends will help you identify which channels have performed better. You need to maintain a balance between the organic and paid searches.
  • So, based on the above research define a long-term goal after that think of smaller goals that can be expanded upon.

Internal Progress

There are so many different kinds of digital marketing data flowing from various channels and tools. You need to correlate these collected data to your business goals, otherwise, they will become useless. Your internal progress will assist you in reaching your business goals and not obstruct them.

If you want to correlate your SEO strategy to your business goal, the best way to do that is to link the revenue and the organic traffic. The main goal here would be to increase the revenue from organic traffic. To make sure that the goal is met, a lot of other internal factors will come into consideration:

  • Site visibility (rankings, content, backlinks)
  • On-page user behavior (bounce/exit rates, usability, session duration)
  • Technical considerations (site speed, redirects, accessibility, site structure)

Once determined accurately, these internal metrics should help you understand whether your business goals are attainable early in the development stage.

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Create a process for planning, acting, and measuring. This way you will ultimately improve and accomplish all your business goals.

  • Your process should be measurable

Even a small change must be tracked. You need to analyze the performance and then act based on the results.

  • Adjust your approach

You may be busy doing a particular activity but with no real results. This usually happens on social media, where you keep on posting because you want to increase the engagement. But, this is not true. There is no correlation between number of posts and engagement. Thus, you will have to tweak and adjust your approach slightly.

  • Putting theory into practice

Once you change your approach, you actually need to put that into practice. That is when you will know whether your theory is right or not. Once put in practice, it is then that you can measure the results.

Tracking and measuring an activity should never be underestimated. Provide yourself with everything you might possibly need to measure accurately; you can always consult a SEO company in India, to get the best results. They follow the process step wise and bring guaranteed results. They will also keep tracking the right metrics depending on your business on a daily basis. This will help your business top grow effectively.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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