Key Questions to Ask Display Advertising Companies Before Hiring It

Any display advertising company you’ll approach would never deny you of your marketing goals you are likely to achieve. They leave no coins unturned to assure you with appealing creatives, higher click-through rates, maximum conversions and an overall better ROI. Had it been true, none of the display advertising companies would have been struggling to deliver results. Over-commitments & the inability to deliver likewise generally leads to disappointment & loss of your hard earned money.So, before you pick one of the display advertising companies, be sure to ask these questions to ensure you end up in the right hands.

Could you please define the process to help me meet my marketing Goals?

It is always easier to give a broader view about attaining your marketing goals. However, speaking more precisely and asking about the process would let you better understand their potential of delivering result.

Who would be taking care of my account?

Asking such questions would help you understand whom should you coordinate with while running your display campaign. Also, it is important to be confident in the skills & expertise of the people handling your account.

How would you ensure better conversions on the display campaigns?

As a client you would want better conversions at a competitive cost. So, understanding their plan on delivering better conversions on the display campaign will ensure effective return on investment.

Have you ever run display campaigns for a business like mine?

Understanding a display advertising company’s prior experience in running a display campaign on a similar business line ensures their expertise in the business as that of your’s and the likeliness of getting better results becomes higher.

What would be your strategy in delivering a good ROI?

Knowing about the strategy which your display advertising company is going to rely on, is a great thing know in advance. It helps you in getting a clear picture of what are they going to work on. And, it also lets you know about their acumen in delivering effective ROI.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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