How to recover from Google Penguin update

Recover from Google Penguin Update

Google has kept on tweaking its algorithms since it first came out with the Panda update in 2011. These algorithms are made better with few changes everytime to make the search engine work satisfactorily for everyone. The most recent update made by Google for Penguin was in 2014 with an up-gradation level to Penguin 3.0. Recovering from Google Penguin update is not easy. Some websites do not recover from it and have to look for the new domain to start from scratch. There are a few measures that any webmaster or Penguin recovery services take, to get the site recovered and function again:

Auditing Links

Cleaning up the backlinks is the first option. Remove the spam links from your site as well as disavow those websites that have been misusing your site links. If your site somehow got connected with the ones generating paid backlinks or fake links, then do take measures to cut off ties from such site. These sites help in boosting the page ranking, but they do get penalized rather quickly. Add links that link to other pages of your site. Keep links that respond to and from other websites, otherwise, remove them.


Spinning the content or spamming it are crimes not forgiven by Penguin update. Alteration of phrases using synonyms, duplicate snippets or creating new articles from original, call for the detailed analysis. Clear all the duplicate content from your site and start adding fresh and new content which are useful for users rather than for improving your page rank. Apart from the content, check the comments for any spam, banned content, duplicate content. Never use a software that generates comments.


Check your content for hints of keyword stuffing. Make sure that the content shouldn’t contain unnecessary keywords that don’t make sense to a user. Change the content to have a proper keyword density and encourage the use of long-tail keywords for better search options and avoidance of keyword stuffing which was prevalent before the update came forth.


Add social links to your site and create a social network. This system will spread awareness of your web page increasing the site traffic. It helps to keep the social network pages updated and linked to your web pages to create easy access for the visitors.

Webmaster Tools

Use these tools to check out any warnings given before the Google Penguin update. If there were no signals and update hit your site, then webmaster tools are appropriate for helping out finding faults with your website. Collecting all the relevant data and then taking necessary steps to mend the problems is what webmaster tools contribute to doing.

There are other tips such as following SEO guidelines and have confidence in patching up your site. If you feel that your site is getting penalized unfairly, you can always fill up Penguin Feedback form to give the facts about your site. This form can get filled from the webmaster forum.

The main issues to tackle for Penguin update is the spamming in any form, be it content or links. Hence, try to practice white hat SEO guidelines and if hit by the Penguin update and unable to do anything you can try using Google Penalty recovering services.


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