How to Push Your Ranking From Page 2 to Page 1

How to Push rank from page 2 to page 1

This is extremely frustrating.

You have implemented the SEO campaign for the site. Your pages are optimized for the targeted keywords and built some quality links. You have done a quick search for the main keywords but the site is still stuck on the second page. Even after months of the effort of you and your digital marketing company, the site has barely moved at all.

According to the best digital marketing company, the first page accounts for approximately 92% of all clicks. Most users will rarely make it to the second page. Your site is missing on a number of people by ranking on the second page.

The solution is rather obvious then.

Push your site to the front page. This sounds easier said than done and you cannot simply spam the site to the top of the search results. If your site is currently stuck on Page 2 of search results, it is entirely possible to move to the first page. Here we look at the exact strategies listed by Elixir Web Solutions :

1. Analyze the competition on the first page

The first thing to do is look at the sites ranking on the first page. Use ahrefs tools to analyze the backlinks of your competitors. Take note of any sources which show up repeatedly. The chances are you can likely acquire similar links back to your own site. This may be as easy as requesting a link or submitting a guest post. For the latter, you need to create a quality post and submit for approval. The guest post requires much more effort than other link-building practices. But it can mean a difference between remaining on the second page of Google or finally ranking on the first page. What will you choose?

2. Offer More Value in the Content

Take a look at the content to make it better. Google aims to deliver the most relevant results for each search query. A post which covers a topic completely with references and images will outrank a post which only a few hundred words long. Aim to completely cover the keyword you are targeting. Data by digital marketing company shows that sites ranking on the first page have a good deal of content on them.This does not mean that writing over 2000 words will boost the rankings but adding content will add more relevance to your page. So either rewrites from the scratch or add more so that it provides more value to your readers. Optimize the on-page factors such as title tags and meta descriptions.

3. Build more links

Pushing your site to the first page is a matter of building more links. We have already discussed one: Guest Posting. This involves contacting webmasters of other sites in the industry and submitting content to be published on the blog. In return, you get a highly relevant link with the potential to drive referral traffic to the site. Other strategies by top digital marketing company include :

Interview industry experts

  • Creating comprehensive guides and tutorials
  • Publishing infographics
  • Sponsoring events
  • Sharing on Social Media
  • Use these link building strategies to push the site higher.


Ranking stuck on the second page of Google can be incredibly frustrating. However, the good news is that you can push your site to the first page with a bit of work. Start by analyzing the competition and taking notes of sources which you can potentially get a link from. Work on your content to provide more information. Putting all these together will push the site to the front page.


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