How To Optimize A Blog Post For SEO?

Optimizing a Blog post for SEO

If your business is running a blog, you know it can be a very important and profitable part of your marketing plan. But if you are new to this, you may be a little intimidated by SEO. It may come across as intimidating, it is an important part of your business plan. The best SEO companies in India believe in optimizing the blog posts as it makes your website more visible to people who are entering keywords associated with your products or services and lead to an increase in traffic and can equate to more businesses.

Here is a list of user-friendly list of ways to optimize your blog posts for SEO.

1. Do your research: An important element of SEO for your blog is the use of keyword phrases. When you write a blog, do your proper research to find the best keywords for the topics you are writing about. It should be specific to the business or the field you are in. There are multiple tools and techniques for finding the keywords related to your blog post. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool and serve as valuable tools to find keywords targeted to bring traffic to their websites.

2. Optimize your images: Another important part of SEO for your blog post is the use of optimized images. There are two aspects which need to be considered: the image’s file size and the image’s title. While optimizing an image’s file size, the digital marketing agencies consider the size, the type and the quality of the image. These are all important as they allow the server to present the images quickly without slowing the website. You also want to rename the image with a file name which is optimized for SEO, using the keyword you have chosen for the post. This is not necessary but is helpful for SEO.

3. Social Media for SEO: Optimizing your blog posts is crucial for getting traffic to your site. You can increase the traffic by sharing your blog posts on social media. When you link to your blog on social media channels, the link clicks from your social media followers drive traffic to the blog. Both organic posts and paid ads can drive the traffic. For example, using Facebook ads to promote the posts can greatly increase the number of people who see your content.

4. Write a Meta Description: The meta descriptions do not affect the ranking of your websites, but affect what people see when they are browsing their options on the SERP. If the user is trying to decide between a couple of links, a strong description which uses the keywords they searched for can make the difference. Google displays around 300 characters in the description field, so describe your page in the most appropriate way.

5. Link your new posts to old posts: You should time and again look for opportunities to add new links. You can do this by performing a search of your own site for the target keyword of each new post you create. When you find uses of that keyword or similar terms, you can add a link to the new.

6. Choose tags and categories strategically: Blogs allow you to create tags and categories which help you group the related posts together. This is useful for people browsing the blog and a tool you can use strategically for SEO. Think of a list based on the most important keywords you wish to rank for, but make sure they represent different types of topics and use them whenever they’re relevant to what you have written.

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