How To Do Quick SEO Audit With SEM Rush

Quick SEO Audit with Semrush

Just using good keywords is not going to play the trick for your company. It is also important for you to make sure that the right SEO tools are used at the right time and in an accurate manner. SEO Audit is one such important tool that every company must take care of.

Today, any SEO Service company in today’s competitive world should be able to offer you this service. With a growing business in this sector, SEMrush is a life saviour. This analytical tool is the most accessed tool for search engine robots. Through this audit, you will be able to gauge your user experience and develop better Search Engine campaigns.

SEO Service Companies using SEMRush for audit

Wondering how this process works? Here is a quick sneak peek at how SEMRushes does the audit –

Step 1: Keyword Research

The tool first begins with proper keyword research. It matches the keywords used on your website with the popular and in-demand keywords on Google and other search engines. It takes note of the best-ranked keywords for better comparison.

Step 2: Rank keywords

From the above step, it then rates the keywords based on low performance and generic keywords.

Step 3: Analyse

Once the keywords are segregated, there are two ways to analyze – either to use the SEMRush interface or you can download the report to manually check the SEMRush’s keyword results

Step 4: SEMRush ranks the data in order

This amazing tool can give up to 20 top results of keywords. It also includes long-tail keywords in this list. This is the biggest advantage of using this tool as doing a manual download and search is time-consuming and may result in errors.

Use SEMRush to compare from various websites too

While an SEO Service company can only compare the top lists of keywords from one website at a time, SEMRush can do this from various websites, all at once. This is possible by the Backlink Profile analysis. This also helps to keep a check on the SEO Strategies so that you can then build your strategy.

So, what are you waiting for? Ask your SEO Service Company to start using this amazing tool at once. This not only helps you save time, but it is more like a one-time investment. You have to invest in this tool once to be able to avail the amazing benefits.

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