Google Local Reviews – Does It Work?

Google Local Reviews

If you are a business owner & listed on Google My Business then, you surely must be aware of the significance that local reviews & ratings play to sweep in or sweep out a customer.

Google Reviews provides an opportunity to the customers to express their experience publicly about a product or service used. A review has the ability to drive a customer to your business or drive them away.

The more stars a business has, the higher are its chances of acquiring a customer. Since, today’s customer is an informed one. They look in every nook & cranny before they enter into a buying decision. And, reviews play a crucial role here.

How to get those stars?

It takes a minimum of 5 reviews to get the stars affixed to your local listing. Stars keeps on increasing as the reviews keeps exuding. However, it may even decrease your stars or rating, provided that your business in ending up with negative reviews. These reviews are usually seen on your Google Knowledge Panel, Google My Business Listings and in Google maps.

Deleting negative Google reviews

Competitors, at times, may stoop to a low to diminish your credibility by adding fake reviews to your business listing. Unfortunately, there’s no way that you can remove that demeaning review yourself. However, you can report that inappropriate review to Google. Google may decide to take that review down if it finds it to be violating their guidelines.

Managing a bad review

Getting worried about negative reviews on your business listings? Don’t worry! Most of us tend to react the same way. But, staying stressed is not going to help you in any way. You should address the concerns of your customer in the best way possible. You can even request them to remove or make changes to their derogatory review. Responses from the business has a positive impact and takes them in the good eyes of customers.

Impact of Google reviews on rankings

A good amount of stars on your MyBusiness listing lets you rank higher in the localised search results. Also, users tend to choose the one which have better stars & reviews. Better reviews enables a listing to get better click through rates & thus, a higher rank in the search results.


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