Google Brings in the New Customer’s Reviews

Google has retired the Trusted Stores program and the Verified Customer Reviews are the new way through which Google is going to gain customer’s confidence.

We have always been able to leave reviews for a business on its Google listing. These reviews even appear in the search results. So, doesn’t Google already have customer reviews in search results? Well, there is a difference between “Google reviews” and “Customer reviews”. The one that already appear in the search results is the Google review.

The difference between Google Reviews and Customer Reviews

The key difference between the Google review and the customer review are that “Customer Reviews” are verified to have been left by customers who made a purchase from the business’s website. Therefore, if you have a business with an online store then this review type is reserved only for you business.

“Google reviews” can be left for any type of business that have a Google listing, and can be left by anyone whether they have been associated with the business or not.

With “Customer Reviews”, participating businesses can also customize the look of their badge, and receive more detailed insights. You can access opt-in on your site, have better account management tools that can help you save your time, and get new insights into your seller rating.

Customer Reviews

By signing in to the Merchant Center account you can easily the customer reviews. A quick sign-up process will then allow you to have customers to opt-in to receiving an email survey after they complete a purchase. This survey is designed to review the buying experience. Based on this data, a seller rating will be created for your Merchant Center account.

The seller ratings can then be showcased at various places like the Google Shopping, AdWords text ads, and your own website. According to Google, “Showing seller ratings on your text ads can boost your ads’ click through rate by up to 10%.”

Google Customer Reviews are currently available in the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia.

Steps to enable Customer Reviews:

  • Sign in to your Merchant Center account
  • Select “Merchant Center programs” from the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click “Get Started” in the Google Customer Reviews card
  • Follow the steps
  • Add the survey opt-in code that you get there in to your website.

After adding the opt-in code, you can then add the badge code for display on your website. The badge will display your seller rating, as well as indicate to customers that your store is integrated with Google Customer Reviews. You can always consult the best SEO Company in India to get this integrated and drive better results.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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