Google Algorithm Updates: How is it affecting your website?

Google Algorithm Update

Google is a repeat offender when it comes to implementing algorithm updates. About 500 to 600 algorithm updates are implemented annually to better searcher users experience and ward off black-hat SEO practices. Each time Google makes updates, websites experience dip or surge in SERPs, depending on the strategies they use. Plus, the best SEO services in Delhi are forced to revisit their strategies and align them with the updates to stay relevant.

How exactly do the algorithm changes impact your organic rankings? Let’s discuss.


Google is keen on maintaining content quality across the board, and hence, the Google Panda update surfaced in 2011. The update identifies websites with weak, thin, worthless, spun, duplicate and plagiarized content and denies them visibility. Conversely, websites featuring original, well structured, dense and informative content are rewarded with better SERPs. If you persist with inferior content, it’s time to ask your digital marketing services provider to revamp it in line with the Panda guidelines. After all, your website deserves better exposure.


As any SEO Company in Delhi will tell you, backlinks are integral to organic rankings. However, webmasters often resort to buying or acquiring manipulative, inferior backlinks to their websites from shady resources to game the SERPs. Thanks to Google Penguin, such websites never feature in the first few result pages. The update is built to evaluate the quality of the linking websites and penalize or reward the linked site accordingly in real-time. Even the exact anchor text inside all backlinks hits the website – Penguin ensures that since 2014. You are better off using relevant links from quality websites and removing manipulative backlinks.


The mobile generated searches are growing exponentially in volume and variety, as millennials increasingly prefer Smartphones over desktops and laptops to access the internet. Growing Smartphone sales and easy access to the internet contributed to the trend. In response to the surge in mobile generated searches, Google came up with Mobilegeddon in 2015. The update aims to deliver a fast, efficient and pleasurable user experience on Smartphones by assigning mobile-friendly higher SERPs and vice-versa. Post-Mobilegeddon, digital marketing services in Delhi are tasked with creating responsive websites that work seamlessly on gadgets.

Location based-searches

The location-specific searches have gained ground lately, to which Google responded with Google Pigeon update. Here, the websites closest to the searcher are assigned the top rankings. The point is to help users locate vendors within their neighbourhoods, easily and promptly.


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