Essential tactics for long term successful local SEO

Local SEO is an effective form of online marketing that enables a local business to promote their services when a user searches with a location trigger. Local SEO is very important and essential for a local business as it enables real time, location based discoverability that helps increase store visits and purchases.

To gain long-term success in local SEO, start reanalyzing and strategizing now. Here are some essential tactics that one can follow:

Optimize the Google Business Page

The Google business page of the business must be properly setup and optimized. Google My Business is a unified interface designed by Google to make it easier for local businesses and brands to be better found by local audience.

When optimizing the listing page, make sure to add a grammatically correct, descriptive and unique business description. Add business address and make sure its same at all the places like directories. Add the correct contact details and the category of the business. Add pictures of the business and get some real customer reviews.

Build Authoritative Citations

Search engines use citations to establish trust in the business. Through these citations, it makes sure that the business is real and is actually in the same location as told. Having correct and consistent citations is important for local SEO. Ensure that the citations are correct and clean.

On- Page Optimization

On page optimization for the landing page or website is an essential part of local SEO. Small businesses with great On-page optimization rank higher in Local searches.
To have an excellent On page optimization for local SEO, ensure that the title tag is well optimized. Also include the services and location in alt text for images and logo, add schema markup to a location, write content that is unique and link each location-specific page on the site to the corresponding GMB listing. Customer reviews and testimonials are a plus point.

On Page Geo- Tagging

Geo-tagging refers to the metadata embedded in a photo to enable the search engines to see the association of that photo with a specific location.

Increasing Number of Inbound Links

There are three types of links that one should strive for in case of Local SEO. They are through location specific websites, niche specific blogs, and high authority blogs.


Positive reviews help in building credibility and trust, something that most future customers will look forward to. Publish the reviews on various platforms to increase the reach.

Social Media Platforms

Social media can indirectly drive links to the site and can also serve as another primary source of traffic. Try interacting with the customers over the social media platforms and increase the arena of customers.

Visual Content

Most customers respond well to visual content. Infographics, images, videos etc. engage the user on the site more, thus, increasing the chances of them converting into a lead.

Constant testing and optimizing

Keep on testing and optimizing the website to attain the constant top spot. SEO trends keep on shifting, so new strategies must be implemented regularly.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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