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The communication in the digital world has become very complex. We have to make sure the format, the platform, the medium we are choosing and much more. All these things together help us in establishing a connection with someone and making this relationship last for long.

This communication is even established in the ads as well. With thousands of ads delivered each day, it’s important to create appealing ad creative’s customized for the user and the context. Luckily, Ad Words is designed for this purpose.

Auction-Time Ads

Subtle nuances and customizations can very well be applied to your AdWords ads as well. Your ads receive a great amount of impression every day so, if you improve your performance, you can get a great deal of results.

In order to make your readers more receptive to your messages, you can utilize the AdWords system to tailor each and every ad to your user and their auction time context. AdWords assembles your ad unit (ad+ extension) for each auction.

Components of a Successful Ad Unit

A great ad unit is a combination of your ad and your ad extensions. The best way to deliver auction-time ads is to create an ad inclusive of all the necessary components and then let the system pick between them using all the data accessible to it.

There are a few ways to ensure that you have the best chance at a successful Ad unit:

1. Optimize your ad rotation

An optimized ad rotation brings a competitive advantage for you. It allows the system to choose the ideal ad for each context. Ads may work differently on different platforms or at different times of the day. Also, maybe all of those performance trends are different when those settings are combined.

We can figure all these details but then it is difficult to actually implement all of those insights at the time of each auction. So, if A works better at one place and B at the other, let the system serve them where they are already known to perform better.

Once you start optimizing your ad rotation then you should factor in % served to help decide the outcomes of ad tests. While analyzing you should use a combination of metrics to decide which ads to leave running. CTR, %Served, Total Impressions, CPC, and average position can all be helpful in determining which ads could be replaced.

2. Provide 3 to 5 ads per group

As long as you are optimizing your rotation, there is almost no downside to enabling multiple ads per ad group. The system will choose the best one for the context. The more ads you provide, the more options you will have to show the ideal message for any context.

You may use the IF functions to make each of these ads even more dynamic for devices and audiences.

3. Implement every ad extension that makes sense

Extensions are a part of Ad Rank. They are great for performance as ads with them are typically clicked a little more. Extensions add more information to an ad unit and they are already optimized to drive the best performance for you.

The optimized ad rotation settings are the default for extensions. The best combination of extension is already chosen for each auction. Your options include site link, call out, call, structured snippet, price, location, affiliate location, review, app, and message. If you qualify for any of these and have yet not enabled them, do that today.

Through these, you can easily customize the ads to make them more interactive, fun and useful and deliver successful auction-time ads. You may also get in touch with the best SEO company in India that will give you the best AdWords and PPC services.


Awadhesh Pandey

Awadhesh is a full-stack Digital marketing manager. He has over twelve years' experience in Digital helping Local & international companies generate more traffic, leads, and sales from various channels.

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