Common URL patterns that you should use

Previously, we have discussed about how to create proper structure for your URLs and how it will help in analyzing the pages easily. Here are some of the common URL patterns that you can use while creating URLs.

The Product Pages

In Structuring your URLs, we’ve discussed at length about how to treat the products pages. All you have to do is stick your products in a /products/ folder.

The Article Pages

When dealing with articles, it is better if we create a top-level categorization at first. For example, adding in the following folders would allow you to easily measure the top-level performance of articles:

  • Travel
  • Sports
  • News

You should, of course, keep them adding in a /blog/ or /articles/ etc. folder too. Here is an example of a good and a bad URL:

  • A bad blog article URL:
  • A better blog article URL:
  • An even better blog article URL:

Location Grouping for Pages

Many websites have category pages as per the locations. For example:

  • Bikes for rent in Delhi – /for-rent/vehicles/Delhi
  • Bikes for rent in Mumbai – /for-rent/vehicles/Mumbai

However, there are many different levels of location granularity. For example, here are 4 different URLs, each a more specific location in the one above it

  • Bikes for rent in Lajpat Nagar – /for-rent/vehicles/Lajpat-Nagar
  • Bikes for rent in Okhla- /for-rent/vehicles/Okhla
  • Bikes for rent in Malviya Nagar – /for-rent/vehicles/Malviya-Nagar
  • Bikes for rent in Tagore Garden- /for-rent/vehicles/Tagore-Garden

Obviously every site will have different levels of location granularity, but a grouping often missing here is providing the level of location granularity in the URL. For example:

  • Bikes for rent in Lajpat Nagar – /for-sale/cars/county/Lajpat-Nagar
  • Bikes for rent in Okhla- /for-rent/vehicles/town/Okhla
  • Bikes for rent in Malviya Nagar – /for-rent/vehicles/area/Malviya-Nagar
  • Bikes for rent in Tagore Garden- /for-rent/vehicles/street/Tagore-Garden

This makes it very easy to assess and measure the performance of each and every page. This way it will be easier to understand if it’s necessary, or if perhaps you’ve aggregated too much. You can create the perfect URLs and then measure the performance of your product or services pages easily with the help of the best SEO company in Delhi.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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