Beginner's Guide: How to Build SEO Backlinks

Link building is an important SEO activity to generate traffic to your own website from other related websites. Search engines crawl the web pages through such links that are put up on sites and also with those that are within your own website. Though it is claimed to be a cumbersome and time-consuming job, the activity of building the backlinks can keep the web pages of a business site rank better in the search engines. An additional associated benefit is that the new pages are also discovered by these links by the search engines – it is imperative that the new web pages are indexed for faster access.
Here’s a simple guide to building the SEO backlinks for your business web pages so as to enjoy the associated benefits that were discussed – 
1. Decide on the strategy of building the backlinks – whether internal/ external: Internal backlinks are to be devised within your own website through articles/blogs and navigating through various pages within your site. External backlinks are achieved by the similar process that is accomplished for another website. The visibility of your blogs for external websites increase with promotion & associated content marketing techniques including Social Media Marketing.
2. Research websites to build the backlinks: A tool or a simple search on Google can reveal several external websites that require content like the articles/blogs that are relevant to their site. Guest blogging can increase the viewership of websites that are linked and can also increase the customer base who regularly read/ view your blogs
3. Analyse competition: Staying updated all information relating to your competitors will help you build effective backlinks. Monitoring their backlinks, their blog posts and their promotional strategies will be effective to formulate yours when it comes to improving your page ranking
4. A personalized pitch: This will be crucial if you would want your web pages to be backlinked to prominent sites – writing to them via an appropriate, well-researched and personalized content is sure to pay. The right note to the right audient will work wonders compared to what an email blast would do.
5. Content creates the trust: Successful relationships with external web page owners are triggered and sustained with great content. Author your own content and create them effectively to speak volumes about your brand’s and business’ capability. Remember your content converts!
6. Persistency and Masterykey points: Leave no stone unturned when it comes to evaluating the options for creating backlinks. Explore all social arenas and master the marketing needed around it
These guiding parameters will be helpful in building the SEO backlinks required for your website and for better page rankings on search engines.
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