The Essentials of PPC Campaign

PPC is a key part of digital marketing techniques that needs equal attention. Obtaining effective PPC services in India is significant for the growth of a business. Keeping the points in mind that are explained below, you can create a winning situation for your business. Embrace negative keywords – Negative keywords help businesses to reduce […]


Create effective AdWords Ads

The communication in the digital world has become very complex. We have to make sure the format, the platform, the medium we are choosing and much more. All these things together help us in establishing a connection with someone and making this relationship last for long. This communication is even established in the ads as […]


Ad words Price Extensions

Google has rolled out a new price extension through mobile text ads. It is a whole new way to showcase the services, products, and prices for Ad Words text ads. This new extension offers the advertisers an opportunity to show pricing information for multiple products and services in their ads. The price extensions show a […]

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