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The Google Search Algorithm update from 1st August 2018 is fully out and here is what we know of the update, who we think was impacted and some of the analysis of what actions one may consider if negatively impacted.

Google is calling this a broad, global and core update, but based on the analysis done so far, there is a focus on health and medical sites and YMYL ( Your Money Your Life) sites. But many other sites were impacted by the update. Google and best SEO company in India say that there is nothing you can do to fix your site to focus on making a great experience, offer better content and a more useful website. The name is derived as it focuses on the medical and health space.

What We Know!

Google claimed that they have made a broad core algorithm update. All we know is that since it’s a core algorithm update, it will affect the sites around the world in all languages. Commercial sites such as eBay were also given a boost in the rankings. These updates are made several times per year but there’s no fix for pages which have dropped in rank. What Google suggests is to continue to focus on creating great content which covers the entire topics.

From what the best SEO company in India can tell is that it’s meant to show better results for the intent of a user’s search query in the buyer’s journey. Google also has teams of ‘search quality raters’ which manually study the sites and give a score for each based on the manual which was also recently updated.

Who was impacted by this update

Google claimed it to be a global update, which implies every niche and type of site could have been impacted. Based on the data by the best SEO companies in India, the focus seems to be on medical and health niches and YMYL sites along with gaming and entertainment.

What is YMYL?

As we explained, Your Money or Your Life pages focus on money and life events. Google raters define them as :

  • Pages which seek personal information.
  • Pages used for monetary transactions.
  • Pages which offer medical or health information that can impact your physical well-being.
  • Pages offering major life decisions like purchasing a house, vehicle or so on.
  • Pages offering advice on major issues can impact your future happiness and finances.

The research by top digital marketing agencies showed that a large number of health sites were found on the loser’s list. What makes these findings a bit unusual is that so many come from a particular niche, whereas updates termed as ‘broad core’ generally do not skew more towards one industry.

What You Can Do!!

You can optimize the service pages which have dropped in rank by adding more subheadings and paragraphs. A simple solution to building content is to cover all the aspects of the focus keyword assigned to the page.

You can also use LSI on the pages, add images optimized with alt text, adding examples and lists and more internal links. For instance, if you have a physiotherapy site and the best performing page is acupuncture, you can go and explain the service. Adding information on the kinds, example, history and anything relevant to a user search query by adding keywords which are ‘in the arena’ of the target keyword. This will create a high authority page which the users will naturally link to because of how much research you put into the content.

As far as the blogs are concerned, pay attention to the author. If you are a medical site, a post by a doctor with a bio explaining his expertise and other blogs will be more effective in influencing keyword rankings.

Key Takeaways from the Google Medic Update!

Here’s a brief rundown of what we have covered:

  • Google confirmed the latest ‘broad core algorithm update’ on August 2nd.
  • They gave no specific information on what is causing the fluctuation for sites and there’s no way to fix pages which were hit.
  • The health and wellness industries seem to have been hit the hardest by the update.
  • Focus on improving domain authority: Add in proof of expertise and authority wherever possible on your site, including individual author bio’s.
  • Focus on aligning your content with user intent.
  • Continue to focus on known algorithm factors like PageSpeed, HTTPS, mobile responsiveness, and making sure your site is technically correct.


With the Google Medic Update, the overall advice has been to make your site, content, and user experiences better overall and keeps working at the minor changes which can have a huge impact on the rankings. Elixir Web Solutions is a leading digital marketing agency based in Delhi. If you want to learn about the best SEO services in India and generating more leads, contact us now!

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