Google has rolled out a new price extension through mobile text ads. It is a whole new way to showcase the services, products, and prices for Ad Words text ads.

This new extension offers the advertisers an opportunity to show pricing information for multiple products and services in their ads. The price extensions show a list just below the main ad copy on mobile. This extension is likely to stir up a tough competition. It will also potentially drive up more mobile CPCs in a meaningful way.

How to set price extension

  • The price extensions are included in the drop down menu under the ad extension tab in Ad Words. There you will then see the setup window to add a new price extension.
  • There you will have to add a header, a description, and a price. The header is the clickable title and the description should be up to 25 characters long.
  • A unit of per hour, day, and week and so on from the menu can then qualify the price.
  • The final URL is the landing page associated with the extension.

You can schedule the price extension as well.

Important things to remember while setting up the price extension

  • If you have only one relevant landing page for a set of price extensions, then use the same URL.
  • You can set the price extensions at the account, campaign, or ad group level.
  • They should be relevant to the keywords in an ad group.
  • It should be consistent with the types of products and services being advertised.
  • You can set up a minimum of 3 price extensions and a maximum of 8. According to Google, you should create 5 or more. You can always consult a company which provides great SEO services.

Are you Eligible for the Price Extension?

Price extensions are only showing on mobile to start with. The extension is only available in English at this point. Also, only the ads in the top ad position are eligible for the price extension.

The price extension is very user-friendly and will become exceedingly popular and drive up competition and prices on mobile.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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