7 Things SEO Beginner Needs to Learn First!

Tings SEO Beginners needs to learn

If you are getting started with SEO, it may seem like a daunting task. There is loads of misinformation available, and the number of ranking factors may discourage the budding SEO professionals. Start with these 7 fundamentals listed by Elixir Web Solutions and you can’t go wrong :

1. Fundamentals of SEO

Before you start with SEO, it is important to know the fundamentals which help the site get ranked. There is no shortcut or single strategy. The SEO services are a combination of on-site SEO ( technical performance, on-site content, site design and navigation, etc), ongoing content ( blogs/articles), inbound links and other off-site factors. To draw an outline for the strategy, these components need to be present.

2. Basic on-site ranking factors

On-site SEO is complex, multi-faceted and confusing to beginners. Make sure your site is mobile-optimized. Include unique, descriptive titles and descriptions for every page on your site. You should offer an intuitive, neatly organized navigation and sitemap. Include the contact page prominently and throughout your site. Also, add a well-written and descriptive content on every page of the site.

3. Content marketing best practices

Form an ongoing content strategy which for most people mean an onsite blog in combination with outside guest posting opportunities. Figure out where the niche lies and cater your content towards one specific target demographic. Use the original research and industry expertise to create content which is unique, valuable and detailed. Write with clarity, cite external sources and include images when you can. Publish what the customers want to find and provide value.

4. How links pass authority

In today’s era, best links are earned than built. When a content is well-researched, original and thought-provoking, it can go viral naturally earning links as more people cite it as a reference to their content. Since you will not rely just on this, supplement with building links via quality content relevant to your business type. One of the best ways to do this becomes a guest contributor to a publication that audience reads and trusts. Remember, any irrelevant or low-quality link can do more harm than good.

5. How to build external relationships

On social media and with other sites, building relationships can lead to more SEO opportunities. Reaching out can earn guest posts, give wider reach and a chance to link back your site. Engaging with new people gives a bigger outlet for the new content and more direct traffic to the site. Learn to build and maintain these relationships.

6. How local SEO services work

Local SEO services is a separate algorithm and is a low-competition opportunity for businesses to rank near the top of Google’s search results. To rank here, you need to ensure that the name, address, and the number is consistent on all wen and claim as many profiles as you can with third-party directory sites.

7. How to measure results

According to the best SEO services company in Delhi, you need to know how to measure your SEO results. The best way is to install a Google Analytics script on the site. To start, gain insight into the organic traffic which is the number of people who found the site via search engines. This number should ideally go up as you increase your efforts over time. If it isn’t, you’ll know something’s wrong. Take measurements monthly to start, and scale up to weekly when you raise your investment.Knowing these seven basic concepts will not make you an SEO expert but offer sufficient knowledge to start with an introductory campaign. The leading digital marketing company in India start with a solid foundation so do not let yourself be intimidated to start


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