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6 ways to segment your email campaigns for better ROI

Segment your email Campaign for Better ROI

Your email campaigns should be very focused. Sending the right emails to the right person is the key to increasing your email ROI. Email marketing services in India is on a boom. Email marketing is a very cost-effective digital marketing strategy and can drive new leads into the business.

Here are a few basic steps to increase your ROI through the email campaigns –

1. Offer Valuable Information

Suppose you have formed a brilliant email with a responsive template, appropriate design and great content but you send to the wrong person. Do you think this will benefit in lead generation? The truth is there are high chances one might not even open it making context a significant part of email marketing. It must provide value to the recipient. If it doesn’t seem important at one glance, one might ignore it. Do not save the best for last, as you might remain unnoticed. Keep the following points in mind –

  • Never tell what to do but tell them how you intend to help them with what you do.
  • If your services are not of relevance to a group of subscribers, DO NOT SEND YOUR EMAILS.

2. Prospect Lists

While most of the companies are dividing out their prospects to place on the email lists, you can take this one step further. With a tool such as marketing automation, each of the sales representatives can form their own list of highest scoring prospects. Such lists can be used to stay in touch and distribute content to the prospects that are most likely to convert. You can also segment according to stages in buying and tailor content appropriately.

3. Lost opportunities

Just because you weren’t able to close a deal with a prospect doesn’t imply that it can never happen. Cold leads still possess value when they reach a point in the sales cycle where they are ready to buy. Make a list of lost opportunities and drip marketing content over time. This will keep your name of the company on top of the mind when one is ready to buy.

4. Just test

Testing is fast and easy and can make a huge difference in return. All you need are two subject lines, a piece of copy. Two versions of an image and you are good to go. If you don’t test, you are guessing and you can never be sure what will work at a particular time with even a well scrubbed list.

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5. Email Activity

Tracking and segmenting on the basis of individual activity can reveal who is engaged and who is not, what content one enjoys reading. A thorough analysis will help us generate a subscriber level reporting seeing subscriber’s engagement, geographic location, environment and more!

Instead just seeing the total number of opens and clicks, you can now see who clicked and opened. This could be used to create a segment of users and send them emails accordingly.

6. Sending Frequency

It is difficult to find the perfect sending frequency for the audience. There is no perfect sending frequency that will apply to everyone on your list. Some might want timely reminders while others could find it next level annoying. One way to make sure that your readers are not going into a blind rage is to let them self-segment by choosing how frequently they wish to hear from you. The image below offers a great example from letting a user unsubscribe.

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