6 Tips to Improve the Domain Authority of Your Website!

tips to improve the domain authority of your websites

Domain authority cannot be purchased or stolen from another high domain authority site. To lift up your DA score, you need a great strategy, thousands of pieces of great content and PATIENCE.

If your DA is around 10 or 15, then it will be easy for you to raise it up to 30 or 40. But when it comes to growing your score above 50, it’s a bit tough and slow. Here are some tips by Elixir Web Solutions to improve the domain score :

  • Choose a Good Domain Name: If you are just beginning, pick a domain name which is relevant to your website. The best SEO company in India suggest to come out with a domain name which is related to your business for the visitors to remember better. Make sure it is something which is relatively easier to remember so that the visitors will not have any issues returning to the site because they forgot the domain name. You may want to buy an old domain to avoid making a domain age. If you already have a domain, make sure it’s not going to expire anytime soon by renewing it for at least 3-5 years.
  • Optimize the On-Page Content: SEO matters for both the Google search engine ranking as well as your domain authority so make sure you optimize all on-page code such as title tags, image alt tags and the content itself. You can fancify the content with BOLD, ITALICS, and UNDERLINED to improve readability. Include variations of the main keywords, keep the permalinks short and relevant and create a sidebar section for new posts.
  • Create linkable content: According to the best SEO company in India, you need to have high-quality content published regularly to earn quality links from multiple domains. The better your content is, the more likely it will be that another site will link to it. This means the content has to be relevant to the brand and audience.
  • Remove Bad and Toxic Links : The top and best SEO company in India suggests you to visit the link profile and search for links which are bad and toxic. This help to remove links from bad sources which may hurt the domain authority instead of helping it. Remove links posted throughout the website which leads to bad sites or are broken as these will have a negative impact as well.
  • Make sure the website is mobile-friendly : A huge number of population access the web via mobile phones making it extremely important to make the website mobile-responsive.Not only will it affect the mobile search rankings but you will also lose out on a lot of visitors who will leave the site once the website isn’t being properly displayed.
  • Become an Authority in your niche : This can be done by creating engaging and quality content with the followers in a meaningful manner. By boosting the authority, you will strengthen the identity of your brand which will not help increase traffic but also increase the number of external links from other quality sources. Another important way is by doing guest blogs on other websites which are relevant to your industry.


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