Online Reputation management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Your Online Reputation is your image on the internet. Online Reputation Management is the process to improve your name on the internet by improving the brand’s image. This is done by eliminating and countering the negative material found on the internet with a positive approach to improve your credibility and customers’ trust in you.

Why is Online Reputation Management important?

Potential customers tend to change their decisions when they see negative comments and blog posts which can spread through various mediums. They can affect your business gravely which is why it is important to have a reputation under check and have negative comments eliminated along with increasing the positive ones.

Tip 1 – Don’t fight with the haters

We need to be clear regarding this. No matter how successful your brand is, there will always be some people who hate it. If you fight with them when they post off comments is the death of your business. People are going to judge you for whatever you do online. Be smart. Don’t take offense to hurtful comments, or the impact can be far worse than one can imagine.

Tip 2 – Be an active social listener

If you track what people are saying about your brand, you will be in a situation to take a wise action every time a good or bad comment is posted. This means that the scope for connecting with your fans and getting potential clients is high. Some tools can help you increase the effectiveness of your online reputation management.

Tip 3 – Keep a watch on your employees

There is nothing that can hurt the company more than your own employees. You can’t control what they do making it extremely important to be careful while hiring. But what about those who are already a part of your company? It can be really helpful to monitor what’s going on with your employees on social media. You can set up alerts so when anyone mentions your employee, you also receive a notification.

Tip 4 Understand your audience

If you know your audience, you can create content that meets their needs. This can reduce your problems. It’s very important to do your research and create buyer personas regularly which is fundamental to building a strong brand. One of the best ideas to build a strong reputation and become dominant in your niche is by solving your audience’s problems. And that becomes easy when you know your audience well!

Tip 5 – Be transparent

Transparency is necessary. You need to be honest to your peers, employees, etc. It plays a key role in how you market your company, so don’t take it for granted.

So, if you are planning to embark on a journey of building a strong brand presence on the internet, contact Elixir Web Solutions, a leading digital marketing agency. It understands the uniqueness of each business and caters to the needs individually. These customized Online Reputation Management programs offer maximum benefit and impact for your good.


Govinda Chandak

Qualified Electronics Engineer (B.Tech.) and Certified Digital Marketing Expert with a proven track record of working in the industry for more than 8 years. Core area of specialisation comprises Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing & Syndication, and Industry Market Research. I’m passionate about intelligent customer journey mapping & delivering ROI. I can help you build your brand reputation & improve your business’s online presence with an extensive knowledge of various technical aspects.

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