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5 proven strategies to get to number 1 on Google

Proven Strategies to get to Number 1 on Google

Getting to the top-ranking is undoubtedly the main motive of any website but this comes with a lot of pressure and maintenance. First, you need to replace something that has been accepted and adored, and later maintain that dignity. Only businesses that use high-quality techniques to get to the top have longer-term benefits. The ones who do not manipulate their rankings get kicked out of the run either immediately, or after a few months. Google has a bunch of highly qualified professionals to take care of their terms and conditions being met by the sites. Only a few strategies have been proved successful to help your business rank number one:

1. Identify your current ranking

Your website ranking has to be identified on a regular basis if you really care for your rankings. Unless you know your position, you cannot take initiatives to improve it. There are websites that can help you check your performance online.

2. Make sure your website is compatible with mobiles

If you really wish your website to be popular and famous, it has to be mobile-friendly. Maximum users these days use smartphones which give easy access to any website.

3. Find and fix issues of penalties

Whenever there is any kind of issue that pulls your website back from getting on the top, these should be fixed immediately. If your website is engaged in any kind of poor quality publicity, then remember that Google can delist your website and get you out of the rankings.

4. Generate keywords to improve SEO

The keyword is very valuable to decide ranks. It is very important that you do a lot of research work and creates unique keywords to get your website on the top. You need to give Google exactly what it is looking for and simple SEO can do all work at once.

5. Use the keywords in your content

Using keywords is a big task. Your website needs to have rich content rather than long ones. Contents with external links, internal links as well as keyword-rich titles and contents are more valued.No particular method is proven to be 100% accurate but if you really wish to increase your rankings, the methods discussed can be a lot helpful. You just need to understand what you need to do and what not so that you have a permanent foot on the position you achieve.

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Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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