5 Powerful Off-Page Technique That Helps to Boost Your Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the latest tool in the kitty of marketing geniuses to help alleviate your website in search engine result pages (SERPs). Getting more viewers to your webpage can help you make more revenue for your business. SEO works in two ways- On Page and Off Page. The On page technique deals with the alterations done to your webpage which will help improve your SERP rank. Off-page optimization techniques, as the name specifies are ways which help you to boost your rank without touching your website. Some of the most potent off page optimization methods as per Elixir Web Solutions, a leading digital marketing company are mentioned below.

1. Building links

One of the most preferred off page optimization techniques is link building. This is done by finding sites similar to yours and utilizing them to refer to your own site. This can be done by posting a comment on them and tagging your webpage. This way you are making cross-references, which will ensure traffic moves to your site.

2. Engaging social media

Social media has impacted our lives in a big way. Nothing happens without social media. Thus, it definitely makes sense to involve your business with the same. You can reach a lot of individuals by creating a link or sharing your webpage on any one of the popular social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. You could also opt for photo/video sharing sites.

3. Blogging

Almost every individual is blogging these days. This can be utilized to upgrade your SERP status. You could either start your own blog, or you could post a reference to your webpage on similar popular blogging pages/sites. Use niche directories or blog search engines to indirectly make reference to your web page. This off page optimization method is becoming quite popular these days.

4. Invest in microsites

According to Off-Page SEO services creating microsites can reduce your competition considerably. You can start by identifying niche market sectors before creating a microsite, which should be similar to your original site in terms of offering services.

5. Utilize Q & A forums

Threads on sites like Quora can be quite beneficial for your webpage. Posting a comment on such Q & A sites can create a backchannel for your website.

If you wish to know about the powerful off-page techniques, contact Elixir Web Solutions now!

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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