5 Changes that you will see in Facebook Videos Metrics

The recent reports suggest users are now watching more than 100 million hours of video every day. This new trend of videos are here to stay, so, that’s why Facebook is making these five changes to video metrics in Page Insights. Facebook will also be adding a couple new metrics and changing the way others are measured. This will definitely have an impact on how the marketers strategize their videos.

Here are the five changes to Facebook video metrics:

1. The Aggregate Minutes Viewed
Facebook has added this new feature of “Aggregative Minutes Viewed”. With this new metric, you can now see how many minutes your viewers spent watching all of your videos. Till now, you could only seen till how many minutes people watched your individual videos.

2. Video Metric Benchmarks
Facebook is also adding a benchmark to aggregated metrics and graphs. This will enable you to compare current and historical performance.

3. Change: Aggregate Video Views
Now, you can view an aggregate 10-second video views but Facebook is going to remove this option. With this new change, Page Insights will only show aggregation for 3-second video views. However, if you would want to see stats for 10-second views for individual videos heading forward, you can do this via the Facebook Graph API.

4. Date Range Analysis
Until now, you could only see the metrics for videos uploaded during a selected time frame. You will now view the performance of all your videos during a specific time period.

5. Sorting Options
With this new feature, Facebook will now allow you to sort your top 50 videos for a selected time period. You can do this by the total number of views or minutes viewed.


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