5 Basic Steps To Run & Manage Display Advertising Campaign

Manage Display Advertising

Before steering through the steps to run and manage display advertising campaign, we must first know what is display advertising? Display advertising simply includes advertising through any promotional banner of any size and shape. But in today’s world, the advertisers can choose from a range of formats such as video, rich media and interactive ads.

Display advertising in India is evolving rapidly with the use and advent of new technologies and tools. Here are a few steps that must be taken into consideration to run and manage display advertising campaign are:

1. Select Goals and KPIs

All effective publicizing efforts are informed by sound techniques. Thus, the initial step you’ll take towards propelling a show battle is choosing what precisely you need to accomplish through the campaign. You also have to select KPIs (key performance indicators) which are information focuses that enables you to quantify whether you’re meeting the objectives and help decide if the campaign is a success or not.

2. Define Target Audiences

The target audiences are the goals defined closely in campaign goals. Target audiences are people which are most likely to be affected by the campaign. Displaying your ads to the right people can make your campaign successful while. On the other hand, showing your advertisements to the individuals who will be least interested in buying the product or item is the wastage of money.

3. Buy Media

After goals and target audience is decided, it’s time to buy media which shows your ads. There are following channels through which display advertising agencies can buy media-

  • Publishers
  • Ad Networks
  • Demand-Side Platform (DSP)
  • Advertising Agencies

4. Develop Campaign Creative

The first impression is very important. In today’s world, no one has the time to stop and see your display advertisements until it is eye-catching and enormously great. There are several display ad formats which can be used for effective display advertising in India-

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Rich media ads

5. Tracking and Optimization

One of the benefits of show promoting is that you can track battle execution and streamline it continuously. Amidst the battle, you’ll need to track your KPIs a few times each day which is once per day at the very least. If your campaign is not meeting the required KPIs, then you must make some changes to improve. Some of the points are-

  • Targeting
  • Inventory
  • Creative
  • Landing page

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Awadhesh Pandey


Awadhesh Pandey

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