3 Solutions for an easy hyperlocal keyword searches

Targeting a small, specific region with your keywords is a difficult task. Reaching a high-intent local audience is incredibly valuable but it can be frustrating at times as the hyperlocal keyword research is a big challenge.

The problem

Let us explain the problem through an example.

When we search for “Panjauri”, which is a small village in Haryana, India, we get results with no volume data. (This is the most difficult situation you can be in, as Panjauri is a very small village with not many facilities).

Also, if you then sort the suggested keywords on the basis of relevancy, we get a broad set of keywords, working on which won’t be fruitful.

We are then left wondering what are the right ones to go after? There are some solutions to it that SEO professionals follow:

Solution 1: Replicate the Data

You can replicate the data by using keyword information that comes from similar regions nearby. Here, Yamuna Nagar is only a few kilometers away, so we can take the information present for Yamuna Nagar and then backtrack the data for Panjauri. The numbers will not be exact and will be having a lot of difference, but then we can estimate the volumes. For most types of local searches, this will work.

Solution 2: Let Google Autosuggest help

In such cases, Google autosuggest comes in to your rescue. So Google suggest do not care if there is just one search in the month versus zero in the last year.

Solution 3: Lexical or Related SERP Suggestions

You may use Lexical, which is basically the semantic relationship between words and phrases. Then there is related SERP suggestion, which basically shows you search terms- the links that came up when you searched for a related phrase.

Through these ways, you can get a bunch of keyword suggestions that are potentially relevant. This task is still frustrating, as you don’t have nearly the data that you have for popular search terms. But then, through this, you can at least start building your keyword list.

Hyperlocal can be small, but it is powerful and can bring out great results.

We at Elixir Web Solutions provide you with the best local SEO services so that your business can rank among the top search results and bloom effectively.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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