3 Display Advertising Agency Techniques for 2018

Nothing sells without marketing. Proper advertising and marketing of the products work wonders for the sales. This is one of the major reasons why people often keep similar budgets for advertising as well as Research & Development. Marketing has changed the way products are sold. Earlier display advertising agencies used to prepare advertising campaigns for hoardings and banners, print ads and pamphlets. Now display advertising in India has taken an affiliation for the digital. Display advertising agency brings to you the most popular advertising agency techniques for 2018.

1. Go mobile!

In the coming time, mobiles will not only be the preferred mode of communication not like they are not right now but also one of the most potent marketing tools. People have started using mobiles over computer systems for different purposes such as bill payments and shopping. Thus it would definitely make sense that in the coming year, they are going to gain more prominence in the field. Hence, to be ahead of the competition, display advertising agencies would use this platform for marketing. In 2018, ad campaigns will be designed to make ample use of this platform, keeping in mind screen resolution, image size and animation etc.

2. Be creative

Banner ads are passé. Gone are the days of advertising on hoardings and pamphlets. Let the creative juices flow. In 2018, display advertising in India is going to see a new trend. Video ads are going to rule the marketing circuit. The attention span of users is decreasing with time. Hence, to sell the product, you have to grasp the attention of the consumer in the first few seconds and retain it for enough time. To make your ads successful, apart from creativity, the music, graphics, punch line should be entertaining and engaging.

3. Socialize

Building contacts and using them to promote your product is not a new concept. This is the way marketing is done forever. However, with changing trends, socializing has also taken a tech road. We have so many contacts now, thanks to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It would definitely make sense that display advertising agency would make use of social media sites to market products. Advertisements would be conceived and designed specifically for social networking sites. In this way, target consumers can be reached easily and the popularity can be multiplied with a simple like and share.

Govinda Chandak


Govinda Chandak

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