Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

Elixir Web Solutions is a certified Google partner digital media marketing agency with an expertise in delivering & maximizing ROI through structured & engaging search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. Our experts are driven by data & objectivity that let's them execute pay per click (PPC) campaigns with a great focus hence delivering more conversions for relatively smaller spend. This is achieved by keeping a clear and concise focus on the 3 pillars of PPC viz. Keyword research & optimization, landing page relevance and ad copy/quality. We are able to identify scope of improvement in already established campaigns that helps us to push the cost per acquisition (CPA) southwards and increase overall conversions

At Elixir we carefully decide the mix of channels to use while creating the PPC campaigns. Depending on the client's objective & budget we identify what percentage mix of search, display, remarketing or PLA's would work for a specific client. This helps us in meeting the ROI expectations of the client.



We believe it's important to have a robust strategy, whether a brand new PPC campaign is being implemented or an existing campaign needs to be optimized.

The strategy includes:
  • Brainstorming seed keywords & managed placements
  • Create campaign structure & naming convention
  • Establish correct campaign settings
  • Implement tracking and analytics requirements
  • Set & define client's KPI expectations
  • Audit of existing account
  • Audit existing channel marketing activity
  • Doing seasonality mapping
  • Secure and arrange client's marketing & media assets
  • Establish USP's and commercial objectives / strategy
  • Establish client's demographics
  • Launch timeline


Every campaign is different and needs a different level & structure of reporting. Based on the needs we define the reports that provide the campaign insights in the desired format. The reporting suit includes the following:

  • Website traffic / performance analytics
  • Client's industry updates
  • Digital marketing industry updates
  • Strategy - Short, mid & long term
  • Competitor analysis
  • Campaign performance

Optimization & Testing

Setting up the PPC is account is only half the battle won. In order to get spectacular results, the campaign must be monitored & optimized on a regular basis

  • Campaign performance management
  • Keyword performance management
  • Landing page testing (A/B testing if needed)
  • Ad copy testing

Creation & Implementation

Once the strategy is defined and approved the next step is to ensure that the pay per click (PPC) account is created & structured according to the industry's best practices. The process typically has the flow mentioned below:

  • Implement account structure
  • Implement naming convention
  • Keyword grouping using seed keywords
  • Ad copy creation
  • Designing landing pages
  • Setting up available ad extensions
  • Setting up ad scheduling & geo-targeting
  • Allocation of budgets in the account
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Creating reports & dashboard
  • Setting up automated account alerts


Even though the campaign is optimised and running successfully, there are several repetitive tasks that need to be done to maintain the campaign. The following are the things that we make sure are addressed:

  • Ongoing keyword mining
  • Disapproved ads management
  • Zero impressions management
  • Zero clicks management
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Product feed management (PLA ads)


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