8 Effective e-commerce link building strategies!

Making links for e-commerce is a hard process. Whether you are doing link building services for a client or working to improve and enhance the visibility of your own site, below are some effective practical tips to help you in the link building -

1. Use Discounts and Coupons – One effective way to link customers to your site is by offering discounts and coupons on the products and services as said and tested by many digital marketing company. It might be a time-consuming and more than a little tiresome, but the benefits far reach the inconvenience of the hard work and effort. A very important aspect to be careful with this strategy is that you have to work the math beforehand so that you don't end up losing money, if plenty of people actually take advantage of your offer. 

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2. Research your competition – It is better to use a link tool to see where the competitors are getting their link from and start tracking and noting them. You obviously require unique and catchy content. This usually saves your times that you would have spent searching for new sites. However, it is advisable to let go off the low authority sites. As long as you abide by the rules and guidelines and give brilliant content, its a only a matter before you outshine them. SEM rush is an effective tool to carry out the research.

3. Blogger Outreach - The purpose behind blogger outreach is that the company asks them to wrote about a product or service in exchange for free access to the service or product. This is for bloggers who have a substantial number of followers. It is important because it helps in building the brand, gaining high quality links and additional content.

4. Invest in PR – Supreme PR campaigns that are built around crucial events can give good quality editorial links. It is sensible to get services for media story request and pitch the ideas.

5. Redefine Broken Link Building – Make a list of products that are terminated or not in stock. Check 404 pages or websites for those products or keywords. Outreach them to take place of the current page with a similar products from the list. This is also done to pass on the value to a new page. Also, check the backlinks of a broken website and outreach them for replacement links.